2024-04-17 - Officially Supported Technologies - Upkeep



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Florian Gleixner is next, followed by Marc Johnson

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Community Council Meeting

CC meeting just before our meeting next monday.

TC meeting will be canceled and topics will be handled asynchrounsy in Slack

Developer Advocate

Jeremy had a meeting with Patrick.

Idea: Jira could be used to manage and keep track work of the developer advocate.

Marc Johnson: Could generate overhead work, but if it works for Patrick, it is OK.

Maccabee Levine & Jeremy Huff Slack could also work, but lets give him autonomy to decide.

Jeremy Huff will announce how to interact with Patrick in the CC meeting and in Slack

*Officially Supported Technologies - UpkeepAll

Topic: How to manage and update OST pages

Zak Burke: Introducing new software versions is hard, because many different parties / audiences have to be asked and notified: developers, devops, sysops, integrators, hosting providers. Communication pipeline and timeline has to be appropriate.

Jeremy Huff: OST pages in the TC space are a attempt to coordinate these audiences. Does this nod work?

Zak Burke: Different purposes: help people plan, but also hard to propose new technologies.

Jeremy Huff: Granuality of versions in OST documents should be discussed. Better go away from exact versions

Marc Johnson: Document is not sufficient for all purposes, it is only good as reference. We need processes for communication decisions and for updating the OST pages. Some things in decisions are not written down, for example the availability of AWS tooling on decisions. Also some versions really matter like yarn while others like junit do not really matter.

Jeremy Huff: So, changes on OST have to be coordinated with all stakeholders.

Marc Johnson: Decisions have to be conductible - we need also people to do changes

Zak Burke: confirms

Marc Johnson: Even if build tool versions may not be crucial, for long term support devops and developers need some stability here. Things like Lombok, Junit, Sonar are used, and it helps the community to maintain consistency in development process

Zak Burke: Using the OST described tools also helps being a good citizen in the community

Jeremy Huff: OST document became really useful, and is now a reference.

Marc Johnson: Not letting to edit anyone the OST pages is required to avoid clashes.

Jeremy Huff reads through preamble the OST page - changes?

Marc Johnson: The audience has to be expanded to not only developers

Zak Burke: How shall the communication with the TC be conducted.

Craig McNally: do we need a process for this kind of communication?

Marc Johnson: We have challenges when people have to talk to us, but also when we have to communicate to the community. There need do be a process

Craig McNally: This happend today. we have Pavlo Smahin on the call

Pavlo Smahin: I was not aware of the TC and the OST pages long time.

Jeremy Huff: We need to be more extroverted

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