New Module Technical Evaluations


The Technical Council has officially adopted a process for evaluation of new modules for inclusion into FOLIO "flower" releases.  This process will fit into a larger cross-council process which has not been fully defined yet.

See also - Process Overview and Recent Changes (July 2023):

(The slides for this presentation)


The purpose of these evaluations is to ensure that modules included in official FOLIO releases meet the technical standards defined by the Technical Council.  The goal is to ensure new modules aren't introducing incompatibilities; placing unexpected burden on DevOps, hosting, or other development teams; etc.  See the values and criteria for a more comprehensive list of technical standards.


  • For Poppy, ui-plugins are out of scope for evaluation.  Starting with Quesnellia, they will be in scope.  
  • For Poppy, shared libraries are out of scope for evaluation.  This decision will be revisited after the Poppy deadline has passed.
  • For Poppy, edge modules are in scope for evaluation.  The existing acceptance criteria will be applied, but will likely be adjusted after the Poppy deadline has passed.
  • Evaluation of whether the module meets the technical criteria defined by the Technical Council is in scope.
  • Evaluation of whether the module meets the desired functional business requirements is out of scope.
  • Evaluation of whether the module is a good architectural fit is out of scope.
    • Ideally development teams engage the Technical Council (e.g. via the chairs) early in the development process when seeking feedback on architectural fit.

Process Description

A document describing the New Module Technical Evaluation Processes and supporting documents can be found in the tech-council GitHub repository.

Submissions and Tracking

The TCR JIRA project is used for submission of new modules by the Product Council, to be evaluated and for tracking the status of evaluations in various states. 

Evaluation Results

Results of technical evaluations are captured in markdown form/template and stored in a dedicated directory in the tech-council GitHub repository.

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