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TCR Process Improvements

Another iteration of TCR process improvements

  • Consider the items listed in recent TCRs under "TCR Process Improvements".
  • Consider other feedback provided by recent TCR submitters.
  • Consider process issues raised at TC meetings (hopefully in the minutes) during our recent TCR discussions.  This would include "meta-process" issues such as communication around the TCR process, timing issues, interaction with the RFC process, etc.
    • Scope includes the deeper issues raised during recent TCRs about the effectiveness of the current process, criteria for failure, etc.




1 hour meeting every week; 1 hours/week outside meeting

Jenn Colt 

Craig McNally (part time)

Tod Olson (part time)

Static Code Analysis
  • Review the current sonar cloud settings
  • Propose a general set of guidelines for static code analysis that is platform agnostic
  • Propose edits to our current documentation concerning static code analysis to make it less sonar cloud centric
   1 hour meeting every week; 1 hours/week outside meetingJeremy Huff

Ingolf Kuss 
Julian Ladisch

Tuesday's 9:30 EST
Developer Documentation
  • Review Current Developer Documentation
  • Make a proposal to the TC for the consolidation, editing, removing and addition of developer documentation
  • Oversee Developer Advocate's implementation of proposed changes with particular emphasis on documentation used to onboard new developers
  • Develop procedures for continued maintenance of the developer documentation. 
   1 hour meeting every week; 1 hours/week outside meetingJeremy Huff

Patrick Pace

Jenn Colt

Maccabee Levine