2024-03-25 Meeting notes



Discussion items

1 minScribeAll

 Tod Olson is next, followed by Ankita Sen

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5-10 minLiaison Updates
  • CC: Maccabee Levine
    • Budget confirmed in FY25 for both developer advocate role and Index Data doing system administration.  Future FYs TBD.
    • Council elections soon.  CC working on outreach to member organizations.
    • Brief discussion of MOU for new module support.
  • PC: Tod Olson
    • First meeting at an Asia-Pacific-friendly time, overview of Application Formalization. Chinese librarians also had a specific list of technical, PC to collect and pass to TC.
    • Felt it was a productive meeting, possible TC might want to do similar.
  • RMS Group: Jakub Skoczen 
  • Security Team: Craig McNally 
  • Tri-council Application Formalization: Craig McNally (for Jenn Colt)
    • Working through list of questions, may have a new question being added
10minTCR Board ReviewAll

New entry: TCR-38 edge-erm, a light-weight wrapper to provide access to an API for non-EBSCO hosted Folio customers running EBSCO Discovery. 

5 minUpcoming MeetingsAll
  •  - Dedicated Discussion - Meeting Suggestions?
  •  - Regular TC meeting
  •  - Dedicated Discussion - Topic TBD
  •  - Regular TC meeting
  •  - Dedicated Discussion - Topic TBD
  •  - Regular TC meeting
  •  - Dedicated Discussion - Topic TBD
5-10 min

Technical Council Sub Groups Updates


Quick updates only.  If we can't find volunteers for groups, we'll need to add the topic to our backlog and address it during dedicated discussion sessions

Sub-group Suggestions?

10 minRFCs


  • Public review update
    • Application Formalization RFC - some comments, need to dig in
    • Go Programming Language for Backend Development RFC - active comments
    • Distributed vs Centralized Configuration RFC - is in public Review
1 minDecision LogAll

Standing agenda item... is there anything in the decision log requiring attention? 

5-10 minWOLFCon TopicsAll

A quick discussion to solidify WOLFCon proposals and participation.

  • Apply new module evaluations to existing modules - working group, Jeremy Huff taking lead
  • How polyglot should FOLIO be?
  • TC Hot Topics! interactive feedback on 2-3 current issues facing TC
15-20Static Code AnalysisAll

Are our evaluation criteria concerning static code analysis too centered on SonarQube?

Should we adopt a more platform-agnostic approach to evaluating static code analysis?

  • practical matters and complexities with using more than one
  • SQ good for much, but is ineffective for some of our current modules
  • Seems intimately related to how polyglot
  • Will come up when we evaluate existing modules

If so, how should we develop this approach?

  • Could extend iteratively as needed
  • Table to link languages with static code analysis tool
  • How to manage code-quality rulesets, how closely can different tools be aligned an how closely must they be aligned?
    • Discussed internally with Bienenfolk and K-Int teams. Is there an approach that's more about QA process than about specific outcomes?
    • Concerns about whether this becomes more subjective, though there approaches like ISO 9001 that focus on measuring the process
    • Seems like certifying the groups rather than modules
    • Could be some of both

Next steps:

  • Is a subgroup on this topic? 
  • Reach out to dev teams for feedback, needs dev team representation
  • Suggestion: post to Slack to see if there is interest in participation among the developers. 
  • Jeremy Huff to follow up.
Time Permitting

Officially Supported Technologies (OST)


Standing agenda item to review/discuss any requested or required changes to officially supported technology lists

Time Permitting

Topic Backlog Grooming


Review the topics on our Topic Backlog to remove those that are no longer relevant, modify those that require change, and add topics that might be missing.

NAZoom Chat

10:09:56 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
I felt this was a really good meeting and well worth it
10:10:21 From Maccabee Levine to Everyone:
Replying to "I felt this was a re..."

TC should consider (future agenda) whether to do something similar. PC does it quarterly I think.
10:10:56 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
Replying to "I felt this was a re..."

Agree TC should consider - especially considering the PC meeting actually ended up being quite Tech focussed
10:11:25 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
Replying to "I felt this was a re..."

Lots of interest from NLA on Kong and Keycloak in the PoC that Craig et al have running
10:11:35 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
Replying to "I felt this was a re..."

(NLA = National Library of Australia)
10:12:40 From Tod Olson to Everyone:
Reacted to "Lots of interest fro..." with 👍
10:18:14 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
My understanding is that this is a very lightweight wrapper
10:18:27 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
To provide `edge` access to an existing API
10:19:03 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
It’s a required for EBSCO to provide access to an API for non-EBSCO hosted Folio customers running EBSCO Discovery
10:43:58 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
I have a bit of a vested interest here, but I’d very much welcome a more general approach that means we can be more polyglot as a community
10:48:01 From Craig McNally to Everyone:
That sounds very subjective, where we've tried to make the TCR criteria as objective as possible
10:49:29 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
And it doesn’t have to be one or the other of course
10:49:37 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
It could be hybrid
10:50:08 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
I referenced ISO 9001
10:50:10 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
“What is ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard for quality management. It helps organizations of all sizes and sectors to improve their performance, meet customer expectations and demonstrate their commitment to quality. Its requirements define how to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a quality management system (QMS).

Implementing ISO 9001 means your organization has put in place effective processes and trained staff to deliver flawless products or services time after time.”
10:50:14 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
10:50:36 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
I’m using that as an example of how this approach is used - not suggesting we require ISO9001 compliance
10:50:44 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
Which is an expensive process
10:51:23 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
Possibly need to get input from dev teams coming from different perspectives here
10:52:35 From Owen Stephens to Everyone:
I don’t have a vote here but I would definitely be in favour of seeing work in this area
10:53:13 From Matt Weaver to Everyone:
Reacted to "I don’t have a vote ..." with ➕
10:53:38 From Maccabee Levine to Everyone:
Ed Sheeran's popular song "Shape of Issue"
10:54:01 From Matt Weaver to Everyone:
Reacted to "Ed Sheeran's popular..." with 😂
10:54:03 From Tod Olson to Everyone:
Reacted to "I don’t have a vote ..." with ➕
10:54:14 From Matt Weaver to Everyone:
Reacted to "Ed Sheeran's popular..." with 🤦‍♂️

Topic Backlog

Decision Log ReviewAll

Review decisions which are in progress.  Can any of them be accepted?  rejected?

Translation SubgroupAllSince we're having trouble finding volunteers for a subgroup, maybe we can make progress during a dedicated discussion session?
Communicating Breaking ChangesAllSince we're having trouble finding volunteers for a subgroup, maybe we can make progress during a dedicated discussion session?
Officially Supported Technologies - UpkeepAll

Previous Notes:

  • A workflow for these pages. When do they transition from one state to another. Do we even need statuses at all ?

Stripes architecture group has some questions about the Poppy release.

Zak: A handshake between developers, dev ops and the TC. Who makes that decision and how do we pass along that knowledge ? E.g. changes in Nodes and in the UI boxes. How to communicate this ? We have a large number of teams, all have to be aware of it.  TC should be alerted that changes are happening. We have a couple of dedicated channels for that. Most dev ops have subscribed to these channels. How can dev ops folk raise issues to the next level of community awareness ? There hasn't been a specific piece of TC to move that along.

Craig: There is a fourth group, "Capacity Planning" or "Release Planning". Slack is the de facto communication channel.  There are no objections to using Slack. An example is the Java 17 RFC. 

Craig: The TC gets it on the agenda and we will discuss it. The TC gets the final say.

Marc Johnson: We shouldn’t use the DevOps Channel. The dev ops folks have made it clear that it should only be used for support requests made to them.

Jakub: Our responsibility is to avoid piling up technical debt.

Marc: Some set of people have to actually make the call. Who lowers the chequered flag ?

Craig: It needs to ultimately come to the TC at least for awareness. There is a missing piece. Capacity Planning needs to provide input here. 

Marc: Stakeholders / Capacity Planning could make that decision. Who makes the decision ? Is it the government or is it some parts of the body ?

Marc: the developers community, the dev ops community and sys ops are involved. For example the Spring Framework discussion or the Java 17 discussion. But it was completely separate to the TC decision. It is a coordination and communication effort.

Marc: Maybe the TC needs to let go that they are the decision makers so that they be a moderating group.

Jakub: I agree with Marc. But we are not a system operating group. Dependency management should be in the responsibility of Release management. There are structures in the project for that.

Jason Root: I agree with Jakub and with Marc also. Policies should drive operational/release/support aspects of Folio.

Jason Root: If the idea of “support” is that frameworks are supported, then of course the project should meet that.

Marc Johnson
Some group needs to inform OleksAii when a relevant policy event occurs.
These documents effectively ARE the manifestation of the policy.

Craig: This is a topic for the next Monday session.

Craig to see if Oleksii Petrenko could join us to discuss the process for updating the officially supported technologies lists.

Dev Documentation VisibilityAll

Possible topic/activity for a Wednesday session:


  • Ideas for the type of developer-facing documentation we think would be most helpful for new developers
  • How we might bring existing documentation up to date and ensure it's consistent 
  • etc.

Action Items

TC members to review policy guidance in Ramsons OST page and provide feedback