2021-12-16 Product Council Meeting notes




Discussion items



Sharon Wiles-Young will be liaison to Support SIG

Jesse Koennecke will be liaison to Community Council

Spokane Public Library is live.  Global Banking School (UK) is live for circulation; the rest of FOLIO LSP will be implemented over the next few months.

45 min

Roadmap Update

Goals of Discussion

  • Review full Roadmap and get endorsement of Roadmap Direction
  • Set up Community review schedule: the Roadmap Road Show
  • Brainstorm ways for how the roadmap can be used

Two main things to show Product Council today:

  1. The working group started by creating the roadmap themes and subthemes document that was created in discussion with SIGs and the councils. These are from the perspective of a staff user of the system and what they would be looking for.  Some themes and sub-themes appear in more than one area.  Each theme links to an issue in the Jira roadmap project (ROAD); subthemes are also listed as "sub-tasks" of the themes, and UXPROD issues link to the appropriate ROAD issue.  For instance, the ROAD-5 - Getting issue details... STATUS theme has a list of subthemes and issue links to UXPROD.
  2. A spreadsheet visualization of themes and subthemes along with an estimate of what each would be worked on.  This is seen as an entry point for exploring the roadmap.  The colors are only meant for visual distinction from one theme to the next.  The goal is to eventually have the output of the Jira ROAD project into something like the swimlane graphic that we have seen before.  The pick of years across the top was intentional; months is too granular for this level of detail and the release cadence can change.

There is still some work that needs to be done to link ROAD issues to UXPROD issues, improve the clarity of ROAD issue descriptions, and update the data in ROAD issues to current.

The roadmap visualization spreadsheet is aspirational, informed by the scope of the work that has already been planned.  It can be the inspiration for discussion about priorities and the need for resources to accomplish the priorities.

With 2022 nearly here, there will be a need to break off the 2024 activities from the "Future" column.  It may always be three years plus Future because predicting beyond three years is fraught with difficulty.  The roadmap process has the project reviewing the plan every year (in addition to any tweaks that need to be done within each year).

The roadmap needs a sense of priorities other than alphabetical because of the resource constraints.  There is a group looking at prioritization as well as other threads of governance; within these broad categories will be separate prioritization efforts.  There could be prioritization from communities at the "theme" level to guide the project.

30 min

SWOT Analysis preliminary report

  • Preliminary results of common themes

Goals of Discussion

  • Review current survey results
  • Determine next steps for taking action
  • Recruit members for a more in-depth review of responses

Based on the discussion in the FOLIO Implementer's group.  About 40 responses were received out of about 60 institutions in the implementer's group.  SWAT analysis for the FOLIO system and another SWAT analysis for the FOLIO community, so there are two tabs in the spreadsheet.  Responses with the orange background were seen more than once.

As people read through this, what are ideas for the next steps for this information?  It would be useful to see which of these is actionable and suitable for inclusion in the roadmap.  (For instance, "integrate data from other vended systems".)

There are also action items for clarifying and improving communication in the project.  These could be useful for Community Council to take up.

As this gets sent to a broader audience, it would be useful to put it in a bulleted list format with the comments said more than once at the top of each list.  Also add a paragraph at the top that is a summary description of the people that responded.

10 minAgenda building

Chat messages

09:35:20 From  Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone:
09:35:32 From  Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    Roadmap visual ^^^
09:40:51 From  Harry Kaplanian  to  Everyone:
    What do the colors in the roadmap visual imply?
09:41:07 From  Martina Schildt  to  Everyone:
    Sorry for being late
09:49:42 From  Index Data  to  Everyone:
    Jesse, the Inventory Search, swap the postgreSQL to Elasticsearch has been accomplished for Kiwi
09:49:53 From  Index Data  to  Everyone:
    That is marked right now as ’Future'
09:50:22 From  Martina Schildt  to  Everyone:
    Thanks @Charlotte, we will change that on the JIRA Roadmap
09:50:43 From  Index Data  to  Everyone:
    :-) excellent
09:52:00 From  Index Data  to  Everyone:
    And facetted search is implemented as of Lotus (as we talked about at the App Interaction SIG meeting yesterday)
09:52:06 From  Travis, Brooks L  to  Everyone:
    Someone beat me to that one �
09:52:12 From  Martina Schildt  to  Everyone:
    Done :) we will change it on the visualization as well
09:57:14 From  James Fuller (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    Is the goal here to capture what is happening, to be aspirational, or a bit of both?
09:57:27 From  Tod Olson  to  Everyone:
    A bit of both.
09:58:48 From  Tod Olson  to  Everyone:
    Also, to try to link our high-level strategic goals and initiatives to the individual pieces of work that are going on across the project.
10:00:27 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    This is a huge step forward - congratulations and thank you! Question: 2022 is at our door step - was there a 2024 roadmap of at this step “future” is the best term (I assume it is)
10:02:26 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    So will it usually be a 3 year termed map?
10:02:51 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Makes sense
10:03:21 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Yes - great
10:07:50 From  James Fuller (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    That would be really helpful, thank you!
10:09:10 From  Harry Kaplanian  to  Everyone:
    I always used PPT…..
10:09:39 From  Harry Kaplanian  to  Everyone:
    A dashboard in JIRA could work too
10:09:41 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Visualized road maps I have seen show months and I am not sure if we are there
10:11:06 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
10:16:12 From  Jesse Koennecke (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    Harry- I messed with a few JIRA dashboard options - none really helped with this style of visualization, but there is some potential to help people navigate the Roadmap.
10:21:07 From  James Fuller (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    It would be great to see how this aligns with the roadmap and might help inform prioritization
10:25:40 From  Peter Murray  to  Everyone:
    The spreadsheet format doesn't work well because many of the items are wider than the cell they are in.  A list format might be better in that respect.
10:26:41 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Great information - can you describe in short when you distribute it further who were the respondents? Also what you define as “common”
10:26:59 From  Peter Murray  to  Everyone:
10:27:29 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Yes I think both spreadsheets are excellent to look at in CC
10:28:12 From  Peter Murray  to  Everyone:
    Oh, I think just a summary paragraph at the top of who were the kinds of people answered the survey...just a summary.
10:28:24 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    +1 to Peter
10:29:01 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Were you surprised by something?
10:29:15 From  James Fuller (he/him)  to  Everyone:
    Thank you for all the work!
10:30:58 From  Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh)  to  Everyone:
    Thank you
10:32:15 From  Tod Olson  to  Everyone:
    I need to drop off. Thanks everyone, and best wishes for the holidays!