2019-11-20 ERM Weekly Delivery Update

Meeting Details




09:30am ET, 2:30pm UK, 3:30pm Germany

LocationVideo Call in FOLIO Slack: #erm-developers


Discussion items




Action Items

<5 minsIntroductions
5 minsPrevious Actions
  • Owen Stephens to liaise with Benjamin/Felix on test data - TODO
  • steve.osguthorpe  to follow up with Marc Johnson on translation strategy (following ERM-436)
    • no official decision from the project
    • for now, current thinking is to use backend codes to be translated by the frontend
    • can work for static content, but not so with dynamic values
    • instead, could pass code and translated message from backend - would use for static and dynamic content (preferable to have a common approach, so a single component)
    • still an issue if people are setting refdata values - probably need to handle those differently
    • external rather than internal values
    • Owen Stephens  has begun enumerating: 
    • some more thinking to be done on partially editable lists

20 mins

WIP Updates
  • Pending: 
    • ERM-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • backend done - current export functionality has moved to new url
      • next front-end priority
      • Owen Stephens to update with mockup, including standardise labels
      • Claudia Malzer  to pick up
    • ERM-561 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Mark looking into this, but can't reproduce locally
      • Owen can consistently reproduce
    • what's dependent?
      • nothing
  • In Progress: what's left to do?
    • ERM-578 - Getting issue details... STATUS  / 
      • ERM-580 - Getting issue details... STATUS  error messages added, along with mockups
      • Other applications (eg, OKAPI) may send some JSON errors (404, 500) which may not be easily distinguishable from Agreements errors
      • treat text errors as non-parseable general error (use response 1)
    • ERM-567 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • can be replicated - what endpoint should be used when testing on console?
        • /packages/import  doesn't seem to work, but should, for local development testing
  • For Review: 
    • ERM-558 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • may touch on same code as ERM-376
    • ERM-459 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • basics work
      • testing by Owen, Felix and Gill
      • some adjustments to fall out
    • ERM-356 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • ERM-579 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • For Release

10 mins

New Issues
  • ERM-583 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ERM-584 - Getting issue details... STATUS  /  ERM-463 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • brought into sprint
  • ERM-585 - Getting issue details... STATUS  /  ERM-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS

<10 minsAOB

Accessibility Testing

  • Gill has been doing some accessibility testing
  • Not clear that we have been applying aria consistently/correctly
  • Using Axe to sweep
  • Need some help about what to look for
  • Happy to co-develop a checklist
    • Best to add to the FOLIO wide resource
    • Some caution in Boulder about using checklists - potentially over prescriptive
  • ERM is being used early, so is in a position to lead the way
  • One approach (perhaps better suited to developers) to start with:
    • use the available tooling (Axe) to find the issues
      • Axe is showing a lot of noise from, eg, MCL
      • not easy to identify the signal from the noise here
    • fix what ERM can
    • raise anything to Stripes in the same way
    • see what's left
  • For now, continue with keyboard testing
  • Would be also useful to do screenreader testing, particularly on navigation