2019-06-05 ERM Delivery Weekly Update

Meeting Details


09:30am ET, 2:30pm UK, 3:30pm Germany

LocationVideo Call in FOLIO Slack: #erm-developers


  • Overview of Phase 3 plan

Discussion items




Action Items

<5 minsIntroductions

35 mins

Phase 3 Overview

Renewal / Cancellation Workflow

  • Business goal of the deliverable functionality is to inform the decision to renew or cancel
  • What is the information needed to make the decision? (typically cost and usage, rather than content)
  • What is the point in the agreement lifecycle at which the decision is to be made?
  • How is the user notified at the appropriate time?
  • What decision record is kept?
  • Some aspects of comparison may be part of renewal workflow
  • Also, what are the consequences of cancellation?

Package comparison

  • same package over time (snapshot comparison?)
  • across different packages
  • across different packages across agreements

Track/manage changes

  • what has moved in or out of this package?
  • Jag, Ian, Owen looking at initial plan for requirements / technical gaps on Thu 6 June
  • F2F meeting in Washington gives an opportunity to clarify some of the more complex / involved workflows (such as renewal/cancellation)
15 mins
  • Delivery of sprint backlog is on track
  • Critical path for testing ahead of Q2 release deadline is ERM-245 (tenant bootstrap improvements), but this is not a concern at the moment.
  • Owen has capacity for QA on Friday
  • ERM-265 (JSON export) to take priority
  • ERM-215 (KBART export) to be removed from sprint
  • ERM-185/ERM-185 (file uploads) to take priority over date/time bugs (ERM-189/ERM-262)
5+ minsAOB
  • Sheffield Developer Gathering
  • Next dev call is combined Sprint 64 & 65 Retrospective: 
    • add details link
  • missing some confirmations needed to finalise venue booking
  • please add accommodation details to schedule