2020-12-09 ERM Weekly Delivery Update

Meeting Details




10:30am ET, 3:30pm UK, 4:30pm Germany

LocationVideo Call in FOLIO Slack: #erm-developers
Previously2020-12-02 ERM Weekly Delivery Update
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Discussion items




Action Items

<5 minsIntroductions

WIP Update 

Release Candidates

Code Review: 

  • ERM-1228 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • ready for review
    • Ethan Freestone to attach wireframe to issue for reviewing against


  • ERM-1176 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • waiting for folio-testing to update

Items at Risk / Spillover

In Progress

  • ERM-1190 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Previously TODO (A few days effort still expected because of configMgr complexity):
      • use translation strings
      • using values in MCL
      • tests
    • Still having issues
    • Agreement Line takes to AL view pane. 
      • what should happen if view is closed? 
      • no other FOLIO apps have load more option within MCLs
      • preference is to maintain current load state if switching out and returning to the list
      • Turns out this is an existing bug: out of scope for this story. Owen to write up bug issue. 
    • Owen to clarify story: 
      • variabilise row count per page (currently 100 to user defined)
      • add user setting to allow this to be set.
  • ERM-1227 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • changed width to 25% and looks good
    • to add more browser options
    • will then be ready for code review on Thursday
    • Adi to send Peter link to Jenkins to follow PR build process

Sprint Backlog

  • ERM-1249 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • waiting for update
  • ERM-1242 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Needs Elaboration

  • NA


No documentation required or development feedback to give.

<10 minsAOB

New Issues

Added to sprint

  • ERM-1252 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • to be picked up by Peter

Not added to sprint

  • NA

Sprint 104-105 Planning

  • License date search expected - will require some toolkit changes
  • Move to 2pm-3pm (UK) on Monday

Keyboard Shortcuts Requirements

  • Feedback provided to KG and JC
  • Proposal is doable, but will likely need some changes to existing components
  • Need more input from JC and GO to estimate