2019-10-02 ERM Weekly Delivery Update

Meeting Details


09:30am ET, 2:30pm UK, 3:30pm Germany

LocationVideo Call in FOLIO Slack: #erm-developers


Discussion items




Action Items

<5 minsIntroductions
20 minsSprint Cutoff
  • Items at Risk / Spillover

    • Open / Sprint Backlog

    • In Progress

      • ERM-396
        • tests required
        • package content correctly returned from API
        • future/dropped agreement resources not currently clearly returned
        • new test data required to support development
  • Release Candidates

    • Code Review: 

      • Held up to resolve ERM-477 
      • ERM-468 etc
        • moving from having two dates to a collection of dates is causing an issue.
        • Start date is now mandatory, which means migrated data may not be current
        • If start date is not present on current data in tenant systems, it will be set to now
      • ERM-465, ERM-483 ready for Code Review
      • ERM-487
        • need to get license permissions fix done first
        • some stripes-erm-component conflicts, currently being investigated
        • expect to release as major version: MD to assess whether this might cause a conflict
    • QA / UAT: None

15 mins

New Issues
  • ERM-477 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • User admins will need to manually and explicitly grant permissions for external dependent modules
    • No human-readable backend

5 mins

Next Sprint

<10 minsAOB
  • GBV environment (Julian)
  • Backup option with Dennis

Discussion items