2020-09-30 ERM Weekly Delivery Update

Meeting Details



10:30am ET, 3:30pm UK, 4:30pm Germany

LocationVideo Call in FOLIO Slack: #erm-developers



Discussion items

Previously: 2020-09-23 ERM Weekly Delivery Update




Action Items

<5 minsIntroductions

WIP Update / Sprint Cutoff

Release Candidates

Code Review: 

  • ERM-1055 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Returned to development 
    • Problems with types not being as expected
    • Ethan and Claudia to timebox pairing session to debug and progress
  • ERM-1131 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Pending review


Items at Risk / Spillover

In Progress

  • ERM-1122 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • smooth progress being made
    • Notes section should expand notes by default regardless of whether populated

Sprint Backlog

  • ERM-1125 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Conclusion: 
      • closures are not an option
      • cannot guarantee security requirements with current technical circumstances
    • Alternatively:
      • groovy templating engine with java handlebars, through which security is built-in 
      • explicit helper registration is needed
      • at first pass - could do pre-defined (given) proxies, but not offer user-extensible (custom) methods
        • use cases that can be built or delivered in the first instance are
          • direct replace (match all or first, full or partial)
          • insert characters
          • remove characters
        • TODO: add pseudo-templates to given use cases
      • going forward, still need to address security around user extensible urls if customisation is needed
    • Default behaviour where proxy has been defined for a platform is to use the proxy, rather than require explicit per-instance user confirmation
      • firing this at PTI level should work, as this has access to the necessary platform fields
      • this will allow the proxy map to be built
  • ERM-1123 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • expected to be ready for code review today


  • NA

Needs Elaboration

<10 minsAOB

ERM-1114 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Hotfix cannot be released because Goldenrod uses Agreements 2.x rather than 3 which the change needs to be made with
  • Issue will be closed as Won't Fix, with recommendation to users to not duplicate agreements with supplementary documents
  • Potential interim workaround that could be developed is to prevent access to the functionality - this is not a priority development option. 
  • Fix will be introduced to Honeysuckle, but institutions will need to upgrade.

Frontend Tests

  • more tests required for agreement line creation
  • Adi to create Jira