2019-03-27 ERM Delivery Weekly Update

Discussion items

TimeItemNotesAction Items
<5 minsIntroductions
30 minsERM Sprint 59 Retrospective 
  • Detailed information on issues that made it easy to understand the task

20 minsSprint 60 Engineering Design Notes

5+ minsAOB

Engineering Design Notes

UXPROD-1548ERM-108Agreements App | Suppress Agreements app features available in eholdings app
UXPROD-1548ERM-109Support the ability to create an Agreement from the eholdings app
UXPROD-1548ERM-110Agreement Detail Record | View attached EBSCO KB e-Resource and access details from eholdings app
UXPROD-583ERM-82Manage amendments for a license
UXPROD-1559ERM-79Set supplementary information for a license
UXPROD-1597ERM-132Manage annotations for license terms

ERM-92Require UUIDs that are RFC 4122 compliant

ERM-49Set up ERM permissions model
UXPROD-1463ERM-64Show controlling license terms in agreements