ERM Sprint 59 Retrospective

1. Review Retro Board (10 mins)

  1. Personal sprint highlights

  2. What worked well

  3. What caused problems

2. Voting (2 mins)

3. Discussion (15 mins)

Topic: Detailed information on issues that made it easy to understand the task

  • In Sprint 59, ERM-64 subtasks were a good example of what needed to be done to complete a task, that could be picked up by non-lead developers
  • By comparison, ERM-134 hasn't any info
  • There is value in getting this documented, but a logistical challenge with making it happen
  • Are there other ways to ensure the knowledge transfer, that don't take so much time for the lead devs? Good practices to try from other teams that people have worked?

4. Summary Actions (3 mins)

  • Jag Goraya to explore workflow options to create capacity to document implementation tasks.