ERM Sprint 61 Retrospective



Sprint Report
Sprint LogERM Sprint 61
Sprint Focus

Extend license management (supplementary information, annotations and contacts)


  1. Review Retro Board (10 mins)
  2. Voting (2 mins)
  3. Discussion (15 mins)
  4. Summary Actions (3 mins)



Personal highlights

  • Tags work
    • slick - good user feedback
    • one of first teams to use it, and offer search
    • good re-use of FOLIO shared components
    • some technical challenges 
      • back-end differences (not RMB) increased time taken to deliver
      • need to continue to factor this into estimates and sprint planning

What went well

  • Splitting work across Agreements and Licenses so that Aditya and Mark weren't stepping on each other's toes.
    • re SearchAndSortQuery
  • Tags work delivered
    • cross-team working
    • functionality had been around a lot, so a mature starting point
    • maintaining UI consistency helped smooth delivery (if not back-end)
  • Changes to Search&Sort component seem to go smoothly!
    • no UI issues identified in testing
    • worthwhile to have ui integration tests

What caused problems

  • Lack of ability to make changes to k-int web toolkit
    • CE version is kind of a fork
      • usage not contribution
    • compromise between Tech Council and K-int
    • a lot of the code pre-dates FOLIO, but new code is likely to go into the ERM modules
    • code that is shared across licenses and agreements could go into a new library  
  • Lack of ability to test front-end changes in QA environment
    • front-end doesn't seem to be deploying everything
    • may be obviated by the testing resolution being discussed between Ian and Wayne
    • tenant activation hooks may be helpful for this
  • Code review > QA process stuck: unable to test issues or close sprint
    • Availability of people to pull work items
      • from Code Review pool to QA pool 
      • from QA pool to Accepted
    • Easy to miss items that are incorrectly assigned
    • Useful to have targeted notifications
    • Can perhaps incorporate 'pending action' items in daily updates
    • Useful to have 1-click (thumbs up) acknowledgement to avoid excessive chasing and flow disruption from chasing

Discussion Notes


  • Jag Gorayato discuss shared library options with Ian re toolkit issue
  • steve.osguthorpe to liaise with Ian about tenant activation hook for pre-loading data to (test) environment. 
  • Jag Goraya to update daily (QA / Code Review) action items through Slack