ERM Sprint 60 Retrospective


Personal highlights

  • Resolved long-standing integration challenge with ERM/eHoldings

What went well

  • Cross-team working
  • Stories are getting more solid
    • Mockups get added quickly

What caused problems

  • Some (inevitable) challenges with onboarding
  • Working in lockstep for big features doing front and back end is a challenge
    • More people on the team should help create a buffer that allows us to manage more complexity within the sprint
    • Where it can't be avoided (eg, for significant modelling and refactor work), we can spread enabling tasks and front-end delivery across sprints
  • Sprint cycle is curtailed for US team members because of timing of planning and merge cutoff

Discussion Notes

Sprint cycle is curtailed for US team members because of timing of planning and merge cutoff 

  • It's probably about as good as we can get it with the schedule and working patterns across the team, but it does leave us short within the sprint. 
  • In practice then, sprint forecast should be mindful of shortfall (to potentially 80% capacity) for certain team members. 
  • This gives an opportunity to make better use of time between sprints
    • The merge cutoff is followed closely by the candidate release deadline
    • We should be able to give team members Friday afternoon (or all day in the US) and Monday morning (in Germany), time ahead to review upcoming candidates and to document technical approach and TBDs
  • This should help 
    • speed up and focus sprint planning sessions
    • document useful implementation notes to support team members working across time zones
    • reduce the delay to discovering what we don't know about an implementation

Some (inevitable) challenges with onboarding

  • Documentation is never going to fully cater for all different experience levels and and environments
  • Some specific gaps around ERM (rather than FOLIO wide) that could be addressed (or made more clear if they have already been documented), eg
    • ERM domain model
    • Code dependencies
    • Grails use
  • Can use the Questions feature on ERM Orientation Reference