2019-05-29 ERM Delivery Weekly Update

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Action Items

<5 minsIntroductions

20 minsDemos

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20 minsSprint Completion

  • Merge Cutoff: Friday 1pm UK
  • Items at Risk / Spillover
  • (warning) Blockage for QA

5 minsUpcoming Sprint

See ERM Next Sprint Candidates list in https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=89&view=planning.nodetail

  • Sprint 65 Planning Friday 2pm UK
  • Reduced window (Q2 release cutoff)
  • Sprint 66 Planning Thu 13 June 2pm UK
  • Jag Gorayaupdate sprint 65/66 planning invites & calendar entries
5+ minsAOB

ERM Dev Gathering

5 Jun: Q3 Feature Planning

12 Jun: Sprint 64 & 65 Retrospective 

Sprint WIP Demos

Delivery Board: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=89

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Notes / TODO

UXPROD-1300 - ERM | Display Admin/Platform Details IN REVIEW

ERM-165 - Display interfaces for each linked Organizations in Agreements IN QA

UXPROD-583 -Support licence amendments/addendaANALYSIS COMPLETE

ERM-82 - Support amendments for a license OPEN

UXPROD-1159 -Support for file upload for document attachmentsIN PROGRESS

ERM-184 - Manage file uploads for document attachments OPEN

UXPROD-1159 -Support for file upload for document attachmentsIN PROGRESS

ERM-185 - View/download a file from a document attachmentOPEN

UXPROD-1157 - Link resources in agreements (agreement lines) to Purchase Orders / Purchase Order LinesOPEN

ERM-239 - Link existing Purchase Order Line (POL) to an Agreement Line OPEN

UXPROD-1597 -Support annotations for license termsIN PROGRESS

ERM-241 - Update the UI for license terms (to take account of the new note field) IN QA

UXPROD-1517 -Support KBART export of entitlements in current agreements for discovery systems OPEN

ERM-215 - Integration with third party discovery system : Lukida via KBART IN PROGRESS

ERM-190 - Deleting a tag shared between two agreements throws an error OPEN

ERM-193 - Deleting a License (and possibly Agreement) with a Tag isn't possible OPEN

ERM-245 - Tenant bootstrap improvements OPEN