2024-03-14 Resource Access Meeting Notes - WOLFCon Planning


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Erin Weller

Tobi Hines

Cornelia Awenius

Thomas Trutt

Laurence Mini

Elizabeth Chenette

Jana Freytag

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Please note, that our next joint meeting with MM SIG on the 3-Part Item State is going to take place next week 21st March: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/x/W4LdB


Note taker:

Jana Freytag

25MinWOLFCon PlanningallWOLFCon24 topics

We will submit 2 general RA SIG meetings and fill these with topics later on. We have several good ideas mapped out on the WOLFCon topics page.

Please go ahead and enter more topics.

Let Jana Freytag know, if you want to submit a session so we can keep track and/or we conveners can submit the proposak for you as an organizer.

We will serve as conveners at WOLFCon, if you want to participate as presenter online and be the person in the room for you.

We want to have more workflow /work-around / show and tell sessions in our regular SIG meeting time. The format needs to be discussed - possible session at WOLFCon to kick of a series of these meetings afterwards.

List of ideas for the planning commitee:

  • Another official announcement including a definition, how to submit/take part in the Monday Workshops and target group would be great
  • Please have more microphones in the room, so discussions can go more smoothly
  • an etiquette sheet on how to behave during a hybrid session (short and precise question summaries for the convener to repeat to the group, only on person can speak in the room so people will hear what was said, subtitles should be turned on in Zoom)
  • we would like to see a more conversational oriented table/seating in the rooms (will comment that on the submission form)

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