2024-01-11 Resource Access Meeting Notes - Gap List Working Meeting


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Jana Freytag  

Discussion Items:






  • Presentation on new Direct Consortia Borrowing/DCB Integration. In the context of OpenRS
  • Presentation on mod-batch-print functionality TCR-33

Note taker:Jana Freytag 

5MinPatron notice

CIRC-1965 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Julie brings a bug to our attention to review:

The Notice does not get deleted when item is returned.


55 MinGap List Working MeetingMethode:

Form small sub-working groups  per feature, which will be enriched/worked on in a workshop-like manner under the direction of a mini-PO or group leader in biweekly meetings, during RA-SIG time, e.g. in break out sessions

Outcome/Guidelines for discussion:

  • Please select a note taker for your session
  • focus on one single solution for the topic
  • avoid branching the topic out to much
  • Make note of other features if the come up (put them into the gap list)
  • Enrich Jira Issues with your requirements (by the group leader)

  • Cancelling claim returns - lead by David

Meeting Notes

Anonymization of closed requests

summary of loan anonymization

what we have:
on demand from a specific user record, not possible for loans with related fees/fines
through settings after a certain period, with different options for loans with related fees/fines and possible exceptions per payment method
patron name and barcode are removed from the loan, patron group at check out is retained
item search in the circ log shows loan actions without user information
what we don't have:
retaining patron custom fields and department field

request anonymization

we are not talking about:
removing patron information from open requests
workflows for confidential requests that should not show patron information at all

are there any workarounds?
the only one would be deleting closed requests, Swedish libraries are keeping them right now

open questions:
Do we need different settings for the four different closed requests statuses?
the group could see use cases for that, but could live without, most don't have access to closed requests in current/former systems
How to handle bulk anonymization?
should be talked over with Bulk edit group, automated anonymization would be more important for European libraries
Should anonoymization be possible for specific requests or for a list of search results?
to be discussed in connection with bulk actions
What patron information to retain (patron group, department, custom fields)?
to be discussed next time, suggestion: should be handled the same way as loan anonymization
How should anonymized requests show up in the circ log?
to be discussed next time
Should anonymized requests still be displayed when searching/filtering the request app, just without patron information?
to be discussed next time