2024-01-25 Resource Access Meeting Notes - Override options for requests


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Shirley Moentnish 

Cornelia Awenius 

Jana Freytag 

Erin Weller 

Magnus Andersson 

Aaron Neslin 

Karen White 

Mark Canney 

Nina Morgenstern

Olga Kalachinskaya

lisa perchermeier 

Dwayne Swigert 

Tobi Hines 

Robert Heaton 

Laurence Mini 

Anne Ekblad 

Kimie Kester 

Martina Tumulla 

Amelia Sutton 


Discussion Items:






55 MinOverride options for requestsAnne Ekblad 
  • UXPROD-2649 Request: Allow Override of Request Policy Prevented Request
  • UXPROD-2694 Request: Allow Override of Prevented Pickup Service Point

See 2023-11-16 Resource Access Meeting Notes and discussion in Slack: https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C3G05TF3R/p1701083072251169

Meeting Notes

Override options for requests

  • Enhancing FOLIO to provide the option to overwrite. standpoints: title, item and patron group 
  • UXPROD-2689 Enable Request Policy to Determine Allowed Pickup Service Points
  • Point of request overwrite – failure of request, patron group policy could prevent requests
  • UXPROD-2649 Request: Allow Override of Request Policy Prevented Request
  • UXPROD-2690 Prevent Local Page Requests
  • UXPROD-2694 Request: Allow Override of Prevented Pickup Service Point
  • In each of this story needs to have an audit trail and log – that this was overwritten on behalf of
  • Relevant but older tickets – need of enhancement and current requirements
  • Discussion about priority needed
  • New request form
  • Needs to be clear for librarians what will be overwritten
  • Maybe button staff overwrite
  • Maybe underneath the drop down message
  • Open up the new requests form – button for staff members, behavior of form would be different 
  • Possible use case working at service desk – overwrite the request type or pickup service point
  • Collecting use cases for overwrite
  • Overwrite should be tied to a permission
  • Tobi (chat): I think we would want everyone except student staff
  • Shirley (chat): Only staff supervisor should be able to do this.
  • Cornelia: page a non requestable item – as an exception (on the shelf, but not able to be circulated)
  • Magnus: only use cases – staff requests for another library, which is not requestable – item level requests
  • Question: item or title or both?

  • Thomas: item level basis – worth checking if it is doable for both, otherwise item

  • Jana: all requests forms – consistent though FOLIO for all kind of requests
  • Cornelia: item level requests has more priority
  • Anne: regular queue - no lower or higher priority than other request

  • Cornelia: still possible to sort
  • Thomas: new feature high priority once placed at the top of the queue – separate new feature request

  • Anne: Need to understand the nuances material type vs. item type vs. request type
  • Permission to overwrite in Check-out

  • Olga: jira ticket, which allow check-out if there is a request on it

  • Thomas (chat): Correct there is an open ticket for that override
    Main feature: https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-2054

  • Olga (chat): Here is the JIRA ticket that I was talking about: "UXPROD-2733 Override non-requester checkout"

  • Magnus: Notices? How should it work? Awaiting pickup

  • Cornelia: could set up notice policies

  • Laurence (chat): Could the circ rule non-requestable-ness be made override-able, but not the logic around certain item statuses being non-pageable (etc.) not be override-able?

  • Overwriting circ rules not overwriting item status

  • Magnus: holds on items that are lost
  • Shirley (chat): I think declared and aged to lost are not request able. Also, we do not allow reserve items to be requested.

  • Karen (chat): I agree on the ability to put a hold on ages to lost items

  • Shirley (chat): We bill ours very quickly after aged to lost.

  • Olga: we are interested to requests age to lost item – our items age to lost after 3 days and items are then returned

  • Laurence (chat): Circ log has filter 'checked out through override', might want to add filter 'requested through override' if this is made possible.
  • For other discussion concentrate on overwrite circ rules first and item level first

  • Let us know about other use cases for overwriting requests via slack