2024-01-08 Resource Access Meeting Notes - Shelving lag time


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Note taker: Erin Weller 
30MinShelving lag time

Discuss setting shelving lag time by location instead of service point UXPROD-527 - Loans: Recently returned Draft 

  • Shelving lag time doesn't work right now because the "recently returned" item status doesn't work yet. No idea when this item status will be worked on.
  • If "recently returned" status is created, where should shelving lag time live - service point or location of item? 
    • In Slack - some people have commented that it should be associated with the location. 
    • Need to be mindful of several different service points/locations - if you check it in at secondary service points, it will mean a longer lag time. 
    • In Voyager it's set at the system level - 1-2 days. Might make more sense to have it at the location level, so it's all in the inventory module. 
    • There's already a shelving lag value in "service point" but it currently does nothing.  
    • Should survey the group - is this nice to have or critical to have? 
  • What does the status of "recently returned" mean in terms of placing a new request? Is it a hold? A page? 
  • "Recently returned" status has been added to our gap list .
  • Want the ability to customize item statuses not just adding this item status. - Might be accomplished with a workflow. This is more important that this new item status. 

Meeting Notes

  • Laurence Mini reached out to Erin Nettifee regarding the hold shelf clearance documentation Cornelia raised at the last meeting. Erin says "HI" and Laurence will update the documentation.