2024-05-30 Resource Access Meeting Notes - Planning meeting and open discussion round


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Magnus Andersson

Anja Kakau

Laurence Mini

David Bottorff

Amelia Sutton

Cheryl Malmborg

Olga Kalachinskaya

Jana Freytag

Discussion Items:








App Interaction SIG: There will be a discussion on 3rd June on making the item material type optional

2024-05-06 Meeting notes: Plan future topics

UXPROD-4445 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-2178 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We need SMES and POs (tick) attending this meeting to discuss

Calendar Entries

40 MinGap List Working group - Continuationall

Gap list RA SIG

15 MinOpen Discussion RoundallBring your topics and questions to the group

Meeting Notes

Gap List:

RA SIG will have a "recap" meeting to summarize and review gap list progress prior to the next workshop meeting. The workshop meetings are for the purpose of creating new JIRAs or refining existing JIRAs in order to help the POs get the desired feature added to FOLIO. Workshop meeting will take place during regularly scheduled RA SIG meeting time, with two breakout groups discussing the selected topics.

Meeting today went through the items on the Gap List to select next two topics for a workshop meeting.

Actual cost: Has been added to Poppy, but not working as ideally desired, in that the cost has to be entered manually. Preference would be for cost to be pulled automatically from the item record, although there is currently no field in the item record for the cost of the item (see UXPROD-4776).

Fee/fine export: Wait for Tom Trutt to update.

Claimed returned notices: David - a nice-to-have feature, but not high priority. Would be good to create a Jira ticket for this. David will create ticket if can get permissions / review of new interface.

Text message notices: Amelia - 5C long been interested in this. Formatting would be tricky, would need different formatting vs email notices. Amelia will bring up with 5C Access group and get more details as to what is needed.

Multiple items on request notices: Magnus - we are still interested, but I may not have the time. More interest in batching some types of request notices than others. Feature soon be reasonably do-able by reusing the logic currently being used in Loan notices. Magnus will see if can enlist the help of a colleague to help with this. Good topic for workshop discussion.

Printing: This was discussed in App Interaction. Tricky to do, not going to happen any time soon.

Requests filtering by effective location: Wait for Tom Trutt to update.

Recall Request notices: Good topic for workshop discussion.

TLR enhancements: Magnus asked about creating individual JIRAs for desired enhancements to TLR functionality (for example, seeing queues for TLRs). Jana will check if Stephanie has the time to attend an RA SIG meeting, hope to have full group discussion of this topic with Stephanie present.

Course Reserves: Olga - we would like to see improvements to Courses app. Good topic for full group discussion.

Open Discussion

Olga said that there has been buggy behavior with the Loan Policy item limit feature. Loan policy has a limit of two items, but patrons are able to check out more than two. Olga will submit a ticket for this, and will try to replicate in Snapshot and the bugfest FOLIO environments. 

A desired feature, currently not possible, would be to have a maximum of two items checked out across a group of loan types, e.g. 4-hour loan; 24-hour loan; 3-day loan; 1-week loan. Cheryl said this was discussed, but would be very hard to do. Might be a feature to add to course reserves discussion.