2024-04-25 Resource Access Meeting Notes - User fields in Check-out UI


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Amelia Sutton

Magnus Andersson

Erin Weller

Laurence Mini

Thomas Trutt

Karen White

Kimie Kester

Nina Morgenstern

Tobi Hines

Karen White

David Bottorff

Cheryl Malmborg

Susan Kimball

Dwayne Swigert

Olga Kalachinskaya

Jana Freytag

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Note taker: Tobi Hines

Users / UI / Check-out

Costum fields display

Pronouns field display

Amelia Sutton

  • Displaying custom fields at check-out
  • A feature which would allow a user to customize which user record accordion each custom field will display under
  • Current plans for how a new Pronouns field would display on the user record and at check out

Pronouns Fieldhttps://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/UXPROD-4603

Custom Fields Accordion Customizationhttps://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/UXPROD-2491

Custom Fields at Check outhttps://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/UXPROD-4712

If anyone has additional use cases for either of these custom fields features feel free to add them to this google doc

Meeting Notes

Erin described a major error that occurred this morning, patron completely disappeared after a check out (in Poppy)

  • Tom mentioned this has happened at Cornell, EBSCO Connect can fix
  • To be discussed at next Monday's meeting?

Amelia - Product Owner for Users

  • The following is for the Sunflower release, but development timeline not set yet so that's not certain

New Pronouns field display on the user record and at check out

  • Free text field for pronouns added to User record, displays alongside other user info fields (similar to middle name and preferred first name), will only display if filled out
  • Question from David: How will this display if they also have preferred name? Concern about screen real estate
    • Tom - Looks like preferred name displays at top without legal name showing in parentheses, so may not be an issue
    • Does show in search, but pronouns don't display in search results list, so not an issue
  • Reviewed how pronouns display in check out, show in parentheses after name if field is filled out

Feature to customize which user record accordion each custom field will display under

  • This feature will add a drop-down in custom field settings to select accordion
  • Settings>Users>Custom Fields to set which accordion the custom will be displayed under
  • All accordions included as options
  • Will use ordering that is set in settings (can drag and drop to reorder them, this will change how they appear under accordion)
  • Hope we can implement this in a way that this customization can be used elsewhere
  • Question from Laurence about refunded fees/fines (the summary info in fees/fines accordion in Users record) - still being used?

    • Susan confirmed she's seen them used in bug fest
  • Question from Olga - Is there a way to hide those fields? Has gotten complaints about cluttered view

    • Currently no way to do this - Amelia thinks it's worth talking about in UM SIG

Displaying custom fields at check-out

  • This feature would allow an institution to select some users’ custom fields to display alongside other user information in the Check out app
  • Settings > Circulation > Other settings
  • In Check out app, all custom fields that have been selected in the “Users custom fields to display at Check out” multi-select are displayed in order (by the field’s “order” value) after Patron Blocks. Labels for Custom fields which are empty or missing from the user’s record but selected for display should still be displayed, similar to behavior for other fields displayed at Check Out
  • Reason it's in circ and not user settings - way that custom fields are implemented as app agnostic, don't want to add too many fields that will be used by single app
  • Question from Magnus - Do others use a lot of custom fields? We haven't used any
    • Tom - we have a few, often for legacy data from Voyager (dept. fields wanted for reporting), Bursar export; would like to use them for remote delivery programs or phone ID's (instead of using magnetic card swipe with ID cards)
    • Susan - we use them for three things: institutional affiliation for 5 Colleges (controlled list); graduation date to identify seniors for billing purposes; and user type, for user database maintenance issue (are you an alum? high school student? spouse? emeritus?) - more like user labels, became filter in user app, which is useful for things that need to be updated manually
    • Olga - Use them for student personal emails because students often don't reply to institutional email, makes it easier for staff to have it in the record
    • Jana - Can always add more use cases! And wishlist!

Jana described an issue encountered with recent Poppy upgrade to see if others had experienced similar problem

  • After upgrade, all the circulation rules were missing and reference data came back (staff slips went back to original state)
  • Have others seen this? How are others dealing with that? Not a bug, intended behavior - but what scenario would that be helpful?
    • Susan - our test database is on CSP2 and is fine
    • Seems like others didn't experience this, maybe because others are using hosting providers?
    • Tom suggested Jana ping Texas State and Stanford