2024-06-24 Resource Access Meeting Notes - Loan type filters


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Martina Tumulla

Laurence Mini

Tobias Gostomsky

Thomas Trutt

Cornelia Awenius

Charlotte Whitt

Christine Tobias

Olga Kalachinskaya

Mark Canney

Nina Morgenstern

Amelia Sutton

Susan Kimball

David Bottorff

Anja Kakau

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50MinInventory loan type filter

Review these stories:

MSEARCH-448 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UIIN-780 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UIIN-781 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UIIN-780 and UIIN-781 were closed while they were decided as not prioritized Autumn last year. But if needed these tickets can be reopened according to closing comments from Christine Schultz-Richert

Meeting Notes

Discussion MSEARCH-448, UIIN-780 and UIIN-781

Douglas College and some other libraries are still interested in having filters by Loan Types.

As filters for material types, locations, etc. already exist, it seems it should not be too onerous to do it. Currently libraries that don’t have Meta DB have to use APIs to find all items of specific loan type and that is quite inconvenient.

Cornelia suggested that it could be useful to collect use cases and stress the importance of this issue from an RA SIG perspective. Charlotte noticed that it’s an old ticket, which indicates that it has been a requirement from a very early on and it has been discussed also with the Resource Access before (maybe 3-4 years ago).

Thomas suggested to create a new UXPROD ticket and link these three closed tickets to it. Then add use cases to that new ticket.

Laurence Mini wondered if it would have the same issue where if there were 15 copies of the same instance at different branches, three with loan type four-hour-reserve, the filter would find all 15. David replied that the behaviour will be the same as for other limiters as long as we have the current setup for the item search in Inventory. It would be useful if that could be eventually improved.

Cornelia noted that having those filters would also be really helpful for testing. For example, for new release tests, circulation rules’ changes, etc. It would be useful to add those two fields to the Lists app, too.

Charlotte created the new UXPROD 4876 “Inventory Search. Implement filtering on Item Loan type (Permanent and Temporary)” ticket.


Conclusion: It’s important for some libraries and nice to have for the others.

To do: Add your use cases for the Permanent and Temporary Loan type filters to the new UXPROD 4876 ticket (if you are able to edit the ticket).

Other Info:

UXPROD-4876 - Getting issue details... STATUS