2024-01-18 Resource Access Meeting Notes - mod-batch-import and patron notices


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Note taker: Jana Freytag 

20MinReminder Fees - Printing

German reminder fee work. Present the new work on Fee/Fine policy, and patron notices; and now with the option to send not just emails, but also printed letters to patrons with notification about the final reminder if borrowed material is not returned. 

Link to the slide deck

The Odin team created a new module, mod-batch-print in order to be able to satisfy the legal requirement at Hebis to send the final reminder fee notice as a printed notice.

Presented for PC 1/11, UM 1/17 and now RA 1/18. When approved by PC next step is approval of the new module by the TC:

TCR-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Feeback on the feature:

  • All were happy with the presented solution
  • can this serve as a pattern for other printing solutions in FOLIO
25MinPatron notice

CIRC-1965 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Julie brings a bug to our attention to review:

The Notice does not get deleted when item is returned.



other topics

Any experinces on poppy?

  • The changes to bundling of notices should be in the Poppy documentation
  • Setting aside a date to talk about the challanges and improvements of the new release in mid February

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