2024-01-04 Resource Access Meeting Notes - Planning for the year


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5MinAdministrivia2023 Meeting notesNote taker: Jana Freytag 
55 MinPlanning for the year

What's next? We want to take a look at our upcoming year:

  • meeting statistics
  • feedback survey
  • gap list topics
  • ...

2023: 45 meetings, average attendance: 17 people (dropped from 19 to 14 from first half to second half of the year)
20 different notetakers

2022: 43 meetings, average attendance 20 people (22 - 17)

12 different notetakers

Meeting Notes

Additional topics:

David brings up the SIP2 Problem with the preferred name support in FOLIO he described in Slack: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfE7C3VUHkXfk7QWrzbWj471P9iLP-dlm9fg2UjsDfbbqeKUw/viewform?usp=sf_link

We are going to invite Tim Auger and Jakub Skoczen to give us an update on SIP2 in FOLIO

Denis Brigdes is putting together a small (mixed discipline) group to work on aligning the Data captured in Serial records, receiving (piece) records and Inventory (Holdings and item) records. The work will need to consider workflows that leverage this data in acquisitions, metadata and resource access (possibly more). The group will meet every second Friday starting on Jan 12 at 9am ET. We will meet 4 times if necessary to identify a path forward.

The Calendar invite for this series: Data Alignment Through Serials Receiving Inventory and Discovery.ics


  1. Review the issue that prompted this discussion – The serials application allows a user to detail complex enumeration and chronology data and roll it up into a single label for each piece. Receiving records capture this detail differently and in a simpler form. Inventory records again capture this detail differently. A limited amount of this data can currently be retrieved via OAI-PMH and edge-RTAC. The serials app will rely on the receiving application to effect inventory records. Currently only certain data is captured there and passed on to inventory.
  2. Review the proposed near-term approach – The custom label generated by the serial app will be input into the Piece Caption field in the Receiving app. The receiving app will populate a new field in the item record with the label information. This new field will roll up into Effective call number. Are there data migration concerns?
  3. Discuss the most appropriate long-term solution – What is the ideal long-term solution? Is there a logical path forward from the near-term to the long-term solution? What are the migration concerns if any?

julie.bickle  and Stephanie Buck will give us an update on the Quesnelia Release. Please see the Q-Dashboard: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12816