2024-03-14 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes


Mar 14, 2024


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 Discussion topics





Decisions and Actions





Decisions and Actions

5 min



Fill in your https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PC/pages/23101441 - few are still missing

Next week is the ASIA-Pacific time zone friendly meeting at 8pm Eastern


25 min

FOLIO Roadmap and Prioritization process

@Martina Schildt @Kristin Martin @Dung-Lan Chen

The PC has a wiki area for the Roadmap.

  • on the Roadmap page we track what we know about as far as planned development is concerned

  • it is helpful to hear from dev teams on dev milestones

  • within the table there is a link to Jira - to the different Roadmaps displayed as dashboards

  • e.g. to the Metadata Management Road Map (done by @Jenn Colt)

  • the Dashboards show UXPORDs that have a specific label (e.g. metadata management)

  • and issues that are under specific functional projects (e.g. mod-orders, ui-orders etc. for acquisitions)

  • add a link to the flower release dashboard: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/projects/UXPROD?selectedItem=com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin%3Arelease-page to the roadmap page


  • there are many SIGs that have implementers pages where Community can add topics, requirements on new functionality, additions to existing functionality, adjustments to existing functionality

  • the requirements are discussed in the SIG

  • afterwards the POs create Jira tickets, that get a specific label (e.g. acq-sig-topics)

  • everyone with a Jira account can then search and filter on these tickets and vote on them via the voting function in Jira (thumps up)

  • the development team can then pick up the tickets when development time allows

  • ACQ SIG tests this process until after Quesnelia, then ACQ SIG will review: what did work, what needs adjusting

  • when the PC will have a feedback discussion as well

  • if this process “passes the test” then we would like to have other SIGs adopt it if possible


  • this process and creation of tickets is a ot of work > SIGs might need help when adopting this process

  • positive feedback on process

  • maybe need need to re-discuss the role of SIG convener

  • maybe we need assisstant POs in more SIGs

  • maybe we need a new role: SMEs that are responsible to create Jira tickets for their SIG

  • Dennis Bridges uses https://cucumber.io/docs/gherkin/

  • Follow up on training people in Jira skills

    • Aaron Neslin would be a good person to get an introduction on that

Roadmap group will be sunsetting. What do we need to do to ensure the Roadmap and prioritization process are kept current?

Add link to roadmap page
Re-view ACQ prioritisationprocess May 13, 2024
Follow up on training Jira skills

25 min

WOLFCon topic ideas

Overview of WOLFcon 2024

Bring your ideas for what your SIG is planning with WOLFcon!

What would you want to hear from other SIGs?



  • The deadline for the call for proposals will be extended

  • Workshops are planned for the day before WOLFcon - this pre-conference is called FOLIO Academy

    • FOLIO Academy is in person only

  • WOLFcon itself is organised as hybrid meetings

  • ACQ SIG has gathered areas of interest and asked people to rank these areas

    • the ones with the highest ranking will be organised as sessions

    • Acq SIG also have WOLFCon 2024 brainstorming wiki page started where people can suggest topics or indicate if they’d like to present and the presentation topics they are considering, etc.

  • RA SIG is starting the discussion on proposals today. There will probably be at least one proposal for a General RA SIG Meeting.

  • Reporting SIG has (so far) five sessions under consideration for submission. One would be a preconference.

  • ERM SIG is collecting areas of interest as well:

    • there will definitely be one or two sessions

    • one on “what works well in ERM apps, what doesn’t” - with hopefully brief presentations by institutions taht can happen in-person or remote

  • there is a session on Serials planned

  • Workflow sessions might of interest - this is still in planning

    • maybe we a joint session on ERM/Dashboard and Workflow would be of interest

    • or maybe a workflows working meeting..?

  • PC

    • introductory on “what is PC” and a roadmap update - e.g. for people who are new to the project

      • record session and then put recording up on the wiki

    • talk about different FOLIO roles

In general: we need good technology to enable virtual attendance

  • virtual attendance is charged to enable a good experience


5 min

Future meeting topics




 Action items