SIG Reports 2024-03-14

Reports should include:

  • Discussion of specific development areas. Including Jira issues for both features and bugs is helpful.
  • Work related to the FOLIO Roadmap or work that occurred that is not well-represented on the FOLIO roadmap.
  • Information about demos, user discussions, or future functionality for FOLIO.
  • Spins-ups or wind-downs of specific subgroups or working groups in a particular area.
  • Ideas or issues that came up feel outside the scope of the SIG but need commenting.

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SIG NAMESIG Convenor(s)PC LiaisonReport and Include any relevant JIRA issuesAny updates to the roadmap?Submit a Request for PC

Acquisitions SIG

Dung-Lan Chen Kristin Martin 

Acquisitions SIG meeting agenda/notes wiki link for more details

  • Björn Muschall presented "Custom Fields" progress (Feb. 20th meeting)
  • Dennis Bridges reviewed UXPROD-4368 "Add interface to allow users to fix specific rollover errors" & Q/A (Feb. 27th meeting)
  • Owen Stephens demoed the new Serials app and talked about Serials Management UAT (March 1st meeting)
  • Discussed WOLFCon 2024 and what topics SIG members would be interested in seeing presented or presenting (March 5th meeting)
  • WOLFCon 2024 survey regarding topics of interest posted in Acq. SIG Slack on March 11 & will discuss survey results and possible session proposals in the next SIG meeting
  • ongoing acq-sig-topics voting for prioritization purposes - see Implementers Topics

App Interaction SIG

Martina Schildt Martina Schildt App Interaction SIG is discussing Agreements and Inventory interactions.

Consortia SIG

Paul Moeller The SIG is planning to create a survey for anyone to provide feedback on consortial functionality in FOLIO.  It will available later this spring and inform planning for the SIG's 2024 goals.

Documentation Working Group

Katharina Jung Martina Tumulla 

The order in the left-hand navigation menu was changed e.g. to bring RM and ERM closer together among other tweaks.

Documentation Working Group talked about the search field. Orphaned and new sections were discussed as well as possible WOLFcon topics.


ERM SIG changed its meeting schedule to every four weeks.

Two new ERM subgroups will start (meetings take place every 4 weeks):

Agreements Local KB subgroup - March 20th

eHoldings subgroup - March 13th

ERM SIG discussed possible topics for this year’s WOLFcon and continued to talk about "Avoiding multiple users editing a record at the same time" and “Numeration of Agreement lines”.

Implementers SIG

Metadata Management

Data Import working group:

  • Has adopted the issue tracker approach that Acq SIG is using and just agreed yesterday to use the voting system on issues in JIRA.

Open Access SIG

Björn Muschall Owen Stephens The SIG has not met regularly, but met on 14th March to discuss a gap analysis by Bavarian libraries identifying issues that need to be resolved before they would be able to use the app in production

Privacy SIG

Reporting SIG

Jennifer Eustis 
  • change in meeting frequency and time has been successful
  • beginning planning for WOLFCon 2024 Reporting Topics
  • Reporting App (Poppy) demos and discussions on self-service reporting and query builder features
  • Documentation "cookbooks"on folio-analytics wiki
  • focus on moving from LDP to Metadb
  • reporting development teams consolidated
  • still need volunteer for Reporting Documentation group

Resource Access

Jana Freytag 
  • Fee/fine comments in non-English environments
  • RA SIG Onboarding Meeting
  • Bugfest discussion/introduction for Circulation and new members
  • Quesnelia update
  • bound-with display in circulation Apps

SIG Conveners

Martina Schildt Meetings are held twice a year. Next meeting will take place in March 2024.

System Operations and Management SIG

Ingolf Kuss Ingolf Kuss 
  • SysOps discussed the Architectural PoC Preview . See our comments on the Feedback tab!
  • Jeremy Nelson of Standord delivered a speech about using ChatGPT with FOLIO. There is a demo here (you will need a valid ChatGPT token to run it). - The code is in PyScript and runs in a webbrowser. ChatGPT takes a MARC record and converts it to a FOLIO instance JSON record. It makes a statistical guess (best match).

Support SIG

As of Monday,  March 11th. There are:

  • P1 = 3
  • P2 = 13
  • P3 = 16
  • P4 = 4

A new page was added to the Support Sig Pages to list what libraries are live on FOLIO and where they are roughly geographically located:FOLIO Live Libraries

User Management

Maura Byrne Maura Byrne 

Workflow SIG

Ian Walls Owen Stephens Continuing to discuss permissions for workflows.  Dev team has been working on backend development and planning, so in-person meetings have been cancelled in the last few weeks in favor of Slack conversation.

Dormant SIGDormant Since


Privacy SIG


Public Library SIG