ERM-Inventory Costs Cluster Prototype

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The JIRA ticket for this report cluster is UXPROD-2408 ERM-Inventory Costs Cluster including all respective Rep-Jira Tickets.

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  • This report is modeled on ERM-Inventory Costs Cluster, a cluster of ERM reports currently consisting of (REP-XXX, etc.). The purpose of this cluster of reports is to show cost statistics associated with virtual ressources that are stored in the inventory.
  • For e-resources stored in Agreements please see information on ERM Agreements costs  - FOLIO Wiki, JIRA UXPROD-2368


  • (REP-41 (costs): Annual E-Resource Counts for ARL, ACRL and NCES and local reporting )→ please take a look at UXPROD-2529 Association of College and Research Libraries Report
  • REP-265: Digital stocks, altogether (without electronic journals and electronic newspapers) (DBS 113)
  • REP-266: Digital stocks, among these: commercially sold E-Books (digital textual materials which allow for searches on them) (DBS 113.4)
  • REP-267: "Digital stocks, of those: stocks in data bases (contents which are to be retrieved under a common user interface) serials that are not continuous,
    not published on a regular basis; aggregator databases; for example, databases with topically based selections of journals" (DBS 121)
  • REP-68: Journals and newspaper in electronic form: costs for those (licenses) in the reporting year (DBS 134 , expenses)

    • Output: Amount
  • REP-69: Other costs for journals and newspapers in electronic form, e.g. one-time purchase of backfiles (DBS 135, expenses)

    • Output: Amount
  • REP-232: All materials expenditures divided into physical vs. electronic (lower priority for breakouts by format within these divisions). (Lower priority for budgeted amounts for materials?)

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-API reference documentation for all modules located at:

-See the Finance Data Model

-See  UXPROD-1264 - Calculate Statistics: Costs Per Download

-RM-Costs Cluster Prototype FOLIO Wiki

-RM-Costs Cluster UXPROD-2255

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Plus the data from the RM-Costs Cluster Prototype