Goals for 2020

Goals still in progress from 2019

  1. Investigate using external data sources (outside FOLIO data) in the Library Reporting Database
  2. Each Reporting SIG member gets experience writing a report with chosen reporting tool 
  3. Understand our needs for normalizing, denormalizing, summarizing, aggregating, anonymizing data
  4. Periodically (quarterly) check in with Reporting SIG members on report writing needs 
  5. Maintain, support, and distribute robust repository of shared queries
  6. Write shared documentation on the queries, connecting reporting tools to Library Reporting Database
  7. Write shared documentation on the Library Reporting Database implementation, maintenance and schema (e.g., data dictionary)

New Goals for 2020

  1. Expand outreach from Reporting SIG to FOLIO community to gather feedback, try queries, test reports, etc.
  2. Reach out to early implementers and respond to their reporting problems and needs