Reporting SIG Prospective Product Owner Information

The Reporting SIG is operating without a Product Owner until one is assigned by the Folio Product Council.

For reporting in Folio, we need a Product Owner to:

  • Act as a bridge between the Reporting SIG and Folio developers/architects/designers/SIGs, communicating priorities and advocating on behalf of reporting stakeholders.

  • Assist in shaping the design and requirements for reporting applications and data stores (e.g., data lake/warehouse, ETL, dashboards, ad hoc and canned reporting). 

  • Assist in gathering/developing/clarifying reporting requirements.

  • Use reporting requirements to start building user stories in JIRA.

  • Assist in building a reporting test plan.

  • Assist in building a reporting test environment.
  • Assist in connecting with all the other SIGs to discuss/collect/identify reporting requirements and functionality (e.g., Reporting Codes and Tagging, RM SIG).

  • Actively participate in Reporting SIG meetings, discussions, planning, documenting, etc.

  • Collaborate with the Reporting SIG in identifying reporting priorities, tasks, requirements, specifications, and discussion topics.

  • Assist in building a Folio Data Dictionary for reporting.

  • Assist in connecting with other SIGs to communicate needs for technical architecture and implementation strategies/plans for reporting (e.g., SysOps, Privacy)

Reporting Product Owner Proposal Presented to Product Council 

Reporting PO Proposal for PC

Current JIRA Tickets for Reporting Data Lake Support:

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