Reporting Tools for Evaluation

The following list captures the applications, languages, and other tools used for library reporting by members of the Reporting SIG.

ToolInfoTool TypeData Source/LMSData Source TypeData Export MethodUsed with LMS
Microsoft Access and Excel
applicationVoyagerrelational database systemSQL queriesCornell
flat files, database, data warehouse, cloud

programming languageVoyagerrelational database systemSQL queriesCornell
IBM Cognos

Crystal Reports

relational database system, flat files (Excel, test), XML; data accesible via web services, JDBC etc.

scripting languageVoyagerrelational database system
integrated with OLE, open source
Wizards are provided to access a number of data sources (Excel, flat file, Hive, JDBC data sources, MongoDB, scripted data sources, web services, XML etc.). In addition, developers can write JavaScript or Java to get data from Java objects.

BSZ, Lehigh
SSRS (SQLServer Reporting Services) 

relational database systemSQL queries
open source
elasticsearch engine indices

IBM Congos Ex Libris version



Microsoft Access and Excel


OpenRefineUsed mainly for data cleanup. Has been used in connection with  KB+/GOKB activities.application software

German FOLIO Project Team
Aqua Data Studio

A graphical tool to implement SQL queries. Similar to DBeaver. Can be expensive.

It is not statistics software, but just a comfortable substitute for executing SQL on the command line.

Written in Java.

graphical administration toolLBSrelational database systemSQL queries

VZG, widely used (Expert: Uschi Klute Klute).

KNIME Presentation "Metadata Management with KNIME" held on SWIB 2017 – See KNIME SlideshowGUI-driven data management application, open source version available (extra functionality requires licensing), written in Java
any source - simple text formats (CSV, JSON, XML etc.), databases and data warehouses (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Apache Hive etc.), other sources (AWS S3, Google Sheets, Azure etc.)Can create report templates that can be exported to document formats like doc, ppt, xls, pdf and others.UB Heilbronn
BibControlavailable in German, English and Scandinavic LanguagesControlling software by OCLCLBScollects data into a data warehouseuses Data Mining, OLAPGBV/VZG, hbz