MM-Uncataloged Materials Report Prototype

Report Description Detail

This report is intended to be run ad-hoc, but can be run on a regular basis to identify uncataloged materials that are not on order or in process.

The model is based on UXPROD-891

Start report with:

Inventory Instance status


Instance Discovery Suppression | Item Effective Location | Item Status

Data fields:

Mode of Issuance | OCLC number | Instance Title | Primary Contributor | Date instance created | Instance created by user | date instance updated | Instance updated by user |  Item Effective Call number | Item status | Patron ID

Folio Attribute (Module/Path:Object)Folio Data Element DescriptionParameters/Query
Table name: mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances

Instance ID (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:id)UUID for an Instance record

Do not display in report.

Instance HRID (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:hrid)HRID for an instance record

Display as Instance ID in report.

Order by.

Discovery Suppress (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:discoverySuppress)Records the fact that the record should not be displayed in a discovery system

This data element can be used to filter the report for Instance Discovery Suppress where True or False.

Filter where value = False. (Need to confirm that False = suppressed.)

Display True = N.

Instance Status ID ((mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:statusId)UUID to retrieve instance status labelProvides a join to get Instance Status Label 
Mode of Issuance ID ((mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:modeOfIssuanceId)UUID to retrieve mode of issuance label

Predicated upon the fact that bib level (LDR 07) is able to be automatically mapped to the mode of issuance. 

May require MARC data if bibliographic level cannot be mapped to Mode of Issuance. 

Title (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:title)The primary title (or label) associated with the resource
Contributor Name (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:contributors{name})Personal, corporate, or meeting name that contributed to a work

*Repeatable field*

Only pull the contributor that is marked as the primary contributor.

Identifier Value (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:contributors{primary})Boolean for if contributor is main contributor

*Repeatable field*

instances:contributors{primary} == True

Identifier Value (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:identifiers{identiferTypeId})UUID for a lookup table to make the connection with a name and the type of contributor they are

*Repeatable field*

Provides a join between mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage and mod-inventory-storage/identifier-type. This allows us to determine what the identifier is.

instances:identifiers{identiferTypeId} == mod-inventory-storage/identifier-type/identiferTypes:id

Filter by type OCLC. 

Identifier Value (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:identifiers{value})An identification of an item (e.g. ISBN, ISSN)

*Repeatable field*

Would like to break out identifiers into a column by type in output report.

Table name: mod-inventory-storage/instance-statuses/

Instance Status ID (mod-inventory-storage/instance-statuses/id)UUID to match to instance status applied to instanceDo not display in report
Instance status name (mod-inventory-storage/instance-statuses/name)Label for instance status

Filter: Null or Uncataloged

Display in report

Table name: mod-inventory-storage/modes-of-issuance/

Mode of Issuance ID (mod-inventory-storage/modes-of-issuance/id)UUID to match to mode of issuance applied to instanceDo not display in report
Mode of Issuance name (mod-inventory-storage/modes-of-issuance/name)Label for Mode of IssuanceDisplay in report
Table name: mod-inventory-storage/identifier-types

Identifier Type ID (mod-inventory-storage/identifier-type/identiferTypes:id)UUID of an identifier type

Provides a join between mod-inventory-storage/identifier-type and (mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:identifiers{identiferTypeId}.

identiferTypes:id == mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:identifiers{identiferTypeId}

Identifier Type Name (mod-inventory-storage/identifier-type/identiferTypes:name)Name of the type of an identifier (e.g. ISBN, ISSN)identiferTypes:name == OCLC
Table name: mod-inventory-storage/holdings-storage/holding

Holding ID (mod-inventory-storage/holdings-storage/holdings:id)UUID for a Holdings record

Provides a join between mod-inventory-storage/holding-storage to mod-inventory/item-storage. This allows us to gain access to instance level details.

holdings:id == mod-inventory-storage/item-storage/items:holdingsRecordId

Discovery Suppress (mod-inventory-storage/holdings-storage/holdings:discoverySuppress)Records the fact that the record should not be displayed in a discovery systemThis data element can be used to filter the report for Holding Discovery Suppress where True or False.
Holding's Instance ID (mod-inventory-storage/holdings-storage/holdings:instanceId)UUID to link a Holdings record to an Instance

Provides a join between mod-inventory-storage/holding-storage to mod-inventory/instance-storage. This allows us to pull the bibliographic data in the instance record.

holdings:instanceId == mod-inventory-storage/instance-storage/instances:id

Table name: mod-inventory-storage/locations

Location ID (mod-inventory-storage/location/locations:id)UUID for the Location record

Name (mod-inventory-storage/location/locations:name)Name of the Location