MM - Missing MARC21 Fields Report

Report Description Detail

To extract MARC SRS records where one or more MARC21 fields are missing from those records. For those consortium on a single tenant, it is also necessary to include the name of the institution as one of the fields. This report can be run ad hoc or on a regular basis.

The model is based on REP-248 and UXPROD-2215.

In Aleph, this is done by going to a particular reporting table where all the MARC records can be found called FCL01.Z00R (there is a table for bibliographic records and a separate one for holdings records). We select all from that table where the Z00R_TEXT is NOT LIKE '035%' or insert the MARC 21 tab in the single quotes. In the example below, we want to know which records don't have an 035 field.

Start report with:

MARC SRS storage


Missing MARC21 field

Data fields:

MARC SRS UUID | MARC SRS Title | Holdings Location and Institution associated with that location Associated with MARC SRS Record

Folio Attribute (Module/Path:Object)Folio Data Element DescriptionParameters/Query
MARC SRS ID (mod-source-record-storage/source-storage/records/{id}UUID for an MARC SRS record

Display in report

MARC SRS Title (mod-source-record-storage/parsedRecord/'245')From parsed record in JSON, retrieves the MARC21 245 fieldDisplay in report
MARC SRS No 035 field (mods-source-record-storage/parsedRecord/'035')From parsed record in JSON

Do not display

Filter to retrieve all MARC SRS records that are missing, i.e. don't have, the 035 field in the parsed record.

Location  (mod-invnetory-storage/location/name)The name of the shelf locationDisplay in report
Library ID (mod-inventory-storage/location/libraryId)UUID of the LibraryDo not display
Campus ID (mod-inventory-storage/location/campusId)UUID of the campusDisplay in report
Campus Name (mod-inventory-storage/location-units/campuses/name)Name of CampusDisplay in report
Institution ID (mod-inventory-storage/location/institutionId)UUID of the institutionDisplay in report
Institution Name (mod-inventory-storage/location-units/institutions/name)Name of InstitutionDisplay in report