ERM-eUsage Count Cluster Prototype


-is there an example of this report somewhere?


JIRA Tickets associated with this Report Cluster: please see UXPROD-2381 ERM-eUsage Count Cluster

The JIRA ticket for this report cluster is  UXPROD-2381 - Getting issue details... STATUS ERM-eUsage Count Cluster

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-See ERM Statistics summary for report descriptions and priority.

-API reference documentation for all modules located at:


-See eUsage: requirements/fields

-See the Finance Data Model

-See  UXPROD-1264 - Calculate Statistics: Costs Per Download

-RM-Costs Cluster Prototype FOLIO Wiki

-RM-Costs Cluster UXPROD-2255

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From internal table mod_agreements.subscription_agreement:

sa_idUUID of Agreement