2022-02-16 Retrospective Spitfire



What did we do well?

  • mod-search transition started, team started to work on mod-search stories
  • started working on Morning Glory feature (UXPROD-3517)
  • Jest /RTL tests are almost finished

What should we have done better?

  • review current DoR and DoD and our related processes
  • too long preparation of Vagrant box for schema upgrade testing. We should think about other approach for this testing (local Docker, Rancher)
  • Vagrant boxes are using for local testing now, but there is so much problems and restrictions with Vagrant (using a lot of resources: at least 15gb of RAM, impossibility of using new versions of Docker, new versions of VirtualBox could cause crashes of box, impossibility of using some useful for development features on Windows like WSL, a lot of time for up and run box, complicated procedure of module deployment). We should think about other approach for local testing (docker compose that will up infrastructure, auth-modules and only needed business modules)
  • mod-quick-marc logging should be improved
  • each feature should include Karate tests
  • self-evaluation document misleading (based on Module acceptance criteria template I tried to create a PR in that repo, but self-evaluation results should instead be saved in an online Word document and the link added to technical evaluation Jira ticket)


January 2022

  • some failing tests related to Karate tests still appear

December 2021

  • Environments are not stable as previous versions related to data-import process
  • Update Oleksandr Dekin documentation describing the data-import flow for Holdings with diagrams (for Morning Glory release)

November 2021

  • Is Rancher still worth using?
  • Check if issue is really a bug before release(mod-password-validator) 
  • Improve ticket tracking for upcoming release

September 2021

  • Experienced Senior DevOps env is required to maintain rancher env
  • Cost optimization for Rancher env to reduce lack of memory
  • Gather team's amount of time that is required to sort out rancher issues
  • Discuss with community/ Anton following suggestion - "Karate tests for not used modules should be skipped"
  • Review possibility to deactivate unused modules

August 2021:

  • Completion of MARC Holdings development will be close to Kiwi release deadline
  • Rancher env is not stable
  • Provide overview how karate/jest/rtl help to identify regression issues

June 2021

  • Request verification of Folijet related work at A-M
  • Requirements for QM Hot Fix were changed too often
  • Be consistent regarding QM changes
  • Test changes as soon as possible
  • Lot's of pressure, need to think how to deal with it better
  • Hard to get logs from bugfest. Logs are posted to S3 bucket only one an hour.

May 2021

  • Difficult to test DI with Rancher
  • DI testing is challenge to the team 
  • Issues with Holdings are still happened
  • Pay more attention to scratch env and prioritize work related to maintenance. Create a Jira tickets for resolving scratch env issues
  • Provide test data to create good enough tests of SRS Search API

April 2021

  • Revisit DoD
  • There is no clarity regarding way of resolving deriving of MARC bib functionality
  • Rancher env gets broken // 
  • Unexpected P1 bug related to SRS

February 2021

  • RTL tests bring more complexity and additional code refactoring to eHoldings → All required refactoring effort should be visible and should be added to Jira → Denys Bohdan
  • Spring improvements will be part of team work→ Conduct meeting with people which are interested in Spring and ready to assist with required changes → Oleksii Petrenko  

January 2021

  • Work on improvement of integration tests
  • Spend more time for testing 

December 2020

  • Password development took longer than usual. Are there ways for the entire team to better understand complexity and level of effort to help with backlog prioritization? → Break down all tasks and not hide non-functional work at functional stories → Team
  • Several issues has been identified at Honeysuckle, need to verify clean setup also → Oleksii Petrenko
  • Add more resources to scratch env → Oleksii Petrenko
  • Verify multi tenancy during release preparation period → Oleksii Petrenko  

November 2020

October 2020

  • DT - In general module releases went well, but one issue (with logging) was not payed attention to immediately. This led to additional patch releases of several modules/libraries - Move to Release retrospective → Oleksii Petrenko
  • Additional time is required for get practice with Rancher for successful roll out → Team
  • Rancher service should put some notifications regarding resources stopping and allocation. Reach out to Sergiy Vysotskiy and Stanislav MiroshnichenkoOleksii Petrenko

August 2020

  • 50% Validate prepared stories quicker when it is deployed to Snapshort environment → Khalilah Gambrell patty.wanninger
  • Issue with MOD-USER-IMPORT: Expectation of user is contradict with team's one
    • Validate requirements by User Management SIG group or PO(Ian Walls) from MOD-USER-IMPORT before presenting them to the team → Khalilah Gambrell

July 2020

  • Bugfix release cause misunderstanding when working with different jira projects and different git projects.
  • Post new process instruction to Spitfire channel
  • Need stabilize release process

June 2020

  • Prepare possible plan for extending current testing approach → Denys Bohdan maksym_dryha Владислав Велицкий  
    • Verify affected areas manually → Team
    • Report issues to stripes team while development → Team
    • Check all acceptance criteria while dev testing → Team, Khalilah Gambrell
    • Sync with BE team and dependency detection → Team
  • Part of definition of done (Include accessibility testing to testing activities by FE team) → Oleksii Petrenko
  • Run accessibility checker more frequently and include it to CI pipeline (Run once in the sprint by FE team) → FE team
  • Clarify more carefully hidden scenarios in acceptance criteria → Team, Khalilah Gambrell
  • Create stories more carefully to avoid situation that we missed some at the end → Team, Khalilah Gambrell
  • Include to release preparation plan interface update for 2 weeks before release deadline (Bump up latest version of interfaces were too later) → Oleksii Petrenko