Core Platform team

Core Platform/DevOps Development Team

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Meet the Team 

Jakub Skoczen

jakub@indexdata.comProduct Owner / Tech Lead

Julian Ladisch


Steve EllisBackend

Barbara Löhle


Scrum Process

Scrum Board:

Scrum JIRA board link

For the items to be fetched and shown on the board the following requirements should be met:

  • Item must be assigned to "Core:Platform" development team;
  • Item must have 'platform-backlog' label;

Baseline User Stories:

  1. Backend: 3 SP -  MODINVSTOR-190 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. DevOps: 2 SP -  FOLIO-1723 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Definition of Ready

User Story or Bug can be added to Sprint only if it conforms to the following criteria of Definition of Ready:

  • Requirements are clearly expressed by PO, reviewed/groomed and well understood by Dev team;
  • Acceptance criteria are clearly defined and confirmed by PO and Dev team;
  • Estimation in Story Points is added;
  • There are no blockers, dependencies, prerequisites preventing the team from completion of the story/bug (if there are any - they must be clearly indicated and story/bug must be moved to Blocked status);
  • Story conforms to INVEST requirements (if possible):
    • Independent
    • Negotiable
    • Valuable
    • Estimate-able
    • Small
    • Testable