FOLIO DevOps team is responsible for the following areas:

  • Supporting technical aspects of the FOLIO release management
  • Maintaining technical documentation ( and supporting (e.g. api-lint, api-doc, and dev.f.o/reference/api)
  • Maintaining CI/CD pipelines for folio-org repos (Jenkins/Github Workflows Actions) 
  • Administering Confluence/JIRA
  • Administering folio-org Github organization
  • Maintaining FOLIO reference environments (folio-snapshot and release-based environments etc)
  • Development support:
    • Vagrant box dev environment
  • FOLIO system integration (new modules, new supporting infrastructure)

How to contact DevOps?

What are we working on now?

Note:  DevOps engineers responsible primarily for the Rancher scratch envs have been spun off to a separate team: Kitfox Team DevOps - Dev Support

Team memberOrganizationArea (star)
Uni MainzGitHub, CI/CD Pipelines, Infrastructure
Index DataGitHub, Jira, Jenkins, RefEnv builds, CI/CD Pipelines, Infrastructure, docs
Index DataInfrastructure, CI/CD Pipelines, Jenkins, GitHub, etc
Index DataInfrastructure (Ansible), Vagrant, etc
Index DataSystem integration, Infrastructure
Index DataLead

(star) Note: area is for information only, please use the public Slack channels or Jira for contacting DevOps and not the engineers directly