Spitfire Team

Spitfire Development Team

Meet the Team 

Khalilah Gambrell

kgambrell@ebsco.comProduct OwnerUnited States (US)

Christine Schultz-Richertcschultz-richert@ebsco.comProduct OwnerUnited States (US)

Radhakrishnan Gopalakrishnan (Vijay)RGopalakrishnan@ebsco.comFSEUnited States (US)

Kalibek Turgumbayevkalibek_turgumbayev@epam.comSolution ArchitectKazakhstan (KZ)

Pavlo Smahin


Team Lead (Java)Ukraine (UA)

Viacheslav Kolesnyk

viacheslav_kolesnyk@epam.comJava DeveloperPoland (PL)

Mukhiddin Yusupovmukhiddin_yusupov@epam.comJava DeveloperUzbekistan (UZ)

Tsaghik Khachatryantsaghik_khachatryan@epam.comJava DeveloperArmenia (AM)

Oleg Pakoleg_pak1@epam.comJava DeveloperUzbekistan (UZ)

Denys Bohdan

denys_bohdan@epam.comJS Lead DeveloperUkraine (UA)

Dmytro Melnyshyndmytro_melnyshyn@epam.comJS DeveloperUkraine (UA)

Sherzod Kenjaevsherzod_kenjaev@epam.comAQAUzbekistan (UZ)

Valery Pilkovalery_pilko@epam.comQAGeorgia (GE)

Polina Ustimenkopolina_ustimenko@epam.comQAKazakhstan (KZ)

Natalia Zaitseva


Scrum MasterUkraine (UA)

Team Calendar

Below you can find vacation email template that you can use.

You should cc: PO - Khalilah, SM - Natalia, Front-end Lead - Denys or Back-end Lead - Pavlo, DM - Oleksii Petrenko and your Resource Manager

all request should be sent in advance, the only exception is emergency requests for 1-2 days  

for a 1 week vacation the request should be sent, preferably, 2 weeks before.   

for long term vacations (2 weeks) the request should be sent, preferably, one month before. 

for vacations 3-4 weeks the request should be sent, two month before.

Vacation template

Hi team, 

I would like to take a vacation

on  12  - 17  of November 2022


on  17nd  of December 2022

Please approve if there are no objections.  

This calendar is read-only. Please ask your administrator to renew your Team Calendars subscription.