Product Owner - Cataloging - Things to know

JIRA projects where you will write requirements (front-end stories) (back-end stories)

  • All MARC record types 
  • Create MARC record in UI 
  • Edit MARC record in UI
  • Delete MARC record in UI 
  • Update MARC field display 
  • MARC field/record validation 
  • View MARC record (front-end) 
  • MARC authority app that is not related to above table 
ui-plugin-find-authority (front-end)
  • Select a MARC authority modal

mod-inventory (back-end) 

mod-inventory-storage (back-end) 

ui-inventory (front-end) 

  • All things Inventory app with exception of MARC
  • Actions related Instance record (non-MARC)
  • Actions related Holdings record 
  • Actions related Item record 
  • Create an instance record (non-MARC) modal 
  • Find an instance record modal 
  • Create an item (front-end)

  • Generating Authority control report

ui-data-export (front-end)

mod-data-export (back-end)

  • Updates to export authority records in MARC 

mod-data-import (back-end)

ui-data-import (front-end)

  • Actions related to using data import to create and edit records 
mod-search (back-end)
  • Search and browse requirements for Inventory and MARC authority apps 


  • If proposing changes to backend/frontend, please inform development team and PO that owns modules prior to implementation 
  • Please inform as soon as possible any work that may result in breaking changes in modules(s) that you do not own.