Eureka Team

Eureka Development Team

Meet the Team 

Craig McNally

Technical Product OwnerUnited States (US)

Vincent BareauProduct OwnerUnited States (US)

Taras SpashchenkoSolution ArchitectGermany (DE)

Peter Lojko

Project ManagerUnited States (US)

Oleksii Kuzminov

Team Lead (Java)Czech Republic (CZ)

Pavel FilippovJava DeveloperLithuania (LT)

Dmytro TkachenkoJava DeveloperUkraine (UA)

Yauhen Vavilkin

Java DeveloperGeorgia (GE)

Roman LeshchenkoJava DeveloperUkraine (UA)

Yaroslav KiriakJava DeveloperUkraine (UA)

Ryan BergerJS DeveloperUnited States (US)

Zak BurkeJS DeveloperUnited States (US)

Aidyn ZhakizhanovJS DeveloperKazakhstan (KZ)

Yauhen ViazauQA/AQAUzbekistan (UZ)

Natalia Zaitseva

Scrum MasterUkraine (UA)

Kimie Kester

UX DesignerUnited States (US)

Team Calendar

Below you can find vacation email template that you can use.

You should cc: PO - Craig, SM - Natalia, Team Lead - Oleksii K., DM - Oleksii Petrenko and your Resource Manager

all request should be sent in advance, the only exception is emergency requests for 1-2 days  

for a 1 week vacation the request should be sent, preferably, 2 weeks before.   

for long term vacations (2 weeks) the request should be sent, preferably, one month before. 

Vacation template

Hi team, 

I would like to take a vacation

on  12  - 17  of November 2022


on  17nd  of December 2022

Please approve if there are no objections.  

This calendar is read-only. Please ask your administrator to renew your Team Calendars subscription.