Meetings 2023

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  • Laura Daniels will follow up on whether or not Custom Fields are available to Bulk Edit, Data Import, and Lists.
Laura Daniels2024-05-20 Meeting notes: Custom fields in Inventory
Ryan Taylor2024-06-03 Meeting notes: Material type: make optional or keep required
  • Martina and Amanda will work to schedule a BELA UAT meeting including Magda
2024-05-15 Meeting notes: Inventory - Agreements interactions
  • Martina Schildt will reach out to Laura to pick a date for an Advanced Search meeting (Laura will demo)
Martina Schildt2024-05-06 Meeting notes: Plan future topics
  • Martina Schildt start a separate discussion or poll on cross-app search default: "contains" or "starts with"
Martina Schildt2023-08-24 WOLFConMeeting notes: cross-app search
  • Martina Schildt to list issues that are still open or in draft for the container or for enhancing the Order Package?
Martina Schildt2023-09-06 Meeting notes: Review discussion around container records
  • Clarify: is it technically possible to export full MCL list to excel Martina Schildt | possibly create a Spike if not yet existing
Martina Schildt2023-06-14 Meeting notes: Implementers topics: UX/UI Inventory/QuickMarc
  • Re-discuss the ticket Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration. in MM and ACQ SIGs > Martina Schildt to follow-up
Martina Schildt2023-05-03 Meeting notes: Implementers topics: UX/UI