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5 minNote takerLaurence
55 min  Discussion of Teams Dennis Bridges

Idea of having FOLIO users be assigned to different Teams which would restrict what the user could do arose out of desire of Acquisitions staff. Rather than wait for Teams feature in FOLIO, this need was implemented in a more restrictive way – Acquisition Units. Different staff are assigned to different Acquisition Units, so that, for example, while both User A and User B can edit order records, User A in Team X is able to edit Order Record #1 but not Order Record #2, while User B in Team Y is able to edit Order Record #2, but not Order Record #1.

Original idea was for Teams to be more a part of the Users app, allowing organizing users into different teams, listing users by Team, etc. Dennis asked for what use cases exist for the Teams concept.

Andrea said it could be very useful for staff (especially student staff) to have different permissions depending on where they were working, as way to prevent mistakes. For example, the same student staff member might work at both the Divinity Library and the Business Library. The Divinity Library has much more liberal policies in terms of waiving fines, creating new borrowing accounts, etc. Could Teams feature help with this? Another example would be a staff member who helps out at another location, e.g. a branch library that has only non-circulating items.

Some permissions that may vary depending on SP could relate to: CRUD a user; CRUD fees/fines; place holds; CRUD requests; Check-in/out; over-rides relating to any of preceding. Request permissions that may vary depending on where a staff member was working include ability to Cancel, Move, Re-order the queue, change Request type (for example allowing Page requests for a temporarily incapacitated patron), change Request expiration date, change Hold shelf expiration date. User edits that might vary include being able to change the address, email, expiration date, patron group, preferred name, etc.

SIG members will consider use cases for Teams, and will discuss further in next meeting (either 12/21 or first Wednesday in January - TBD).

See also: UXPROD-3914, UXPROD-3915, UXPROD-3916, created by Brooks to capture some of the points raised during the meeting.

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