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  • Discuss questions from Product Council

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Questions for discussion

  1. What do you feel like your SIGs purpose is currently? Has it changed over time?
    1. The purpose of UM-SIG is to represent Subject Matter Experts while the Users app has been developed.
      1. Permissions
      2. Identification (login/authentication)
      3. Integrations with other apps
      4. Custom fields
      5. security/passwords
      6. proxy/sponsor
      7. User record management
        1. Refinement of searching
        2. deletions/dependencies
    2. The SIG works with the PO to develop features and stories, and do Quality Acceptance on the resulting code.
    3. Has it changed over time?
      1. The Users app was one of the first apps to be developed in Folio, and the Users app is more fully baked than other apps.
      2. The SIG doesn't have a dedicated development team any more, which means that fewer developers look at the JIRA tickets our PO makes.
  2. How do you feel about the resources allocated in the development areas that are focused on?
    1. Developer resources are a struggle.
      1. UM-SIG doesn't need a full team, but it would be nice to have a team that gets assigned to our tickets by default.  The team could then triage the ticket.
  3. What are some of the challenges facing your SIG? Are there ways in which you feel the SIG has been unable to accomplish it's mission?
    1. Feature requests tend to work at the edges rather than in the core code.
    2. Chicken-and-egg problem of doing a lot of work to describe a new feature (e.g. Erin Nettifee wrote a "white paper" on overhauling permissions. But why should SIG do enough work for a dev team to prioritize when you can't get a dev team to look at it.
  4. If you work on areas of development, do you feel like there are areas of development not resourced at all or significantly under-resourced?
    1. We have no development team, so things have to be done wherever there's time.
    2. It is hard for us to know what other priorities are.
  5. What has been successful with the SIG? What things contributed to that success?
    1. Successes include:
      1. Custom fields
      2. Searching
      3. Deletion of user records
      4. Finding dependencies in user records
    2. Contributing factors:
      1. "Convener's dogged persistence."  - Convener is very active and participates in reporting to PC and in the App Interaction SIG 
  6. What could the Product Council do to help the SIG?
    1. PC could communicate with the SIG regarding what they're up to.
    2. PC could create documentation/videos regarding orientation to Folio.
      1. It was brought up that this might be more Community Council's bailiwick.  The existence of a Community Council surprised one member.  Perhaps that underscores the need for more orientation material.
    3. The "silence is consent" model of meetings is considered to promote ennui (for lack of a better word).  We need to combat ennui. 
  7. Do you feel like the Roadmap accurately represents the work of your SIG (both desired and already accounted for)?
    1. Overall, yes, but there are still uncertainties about who has the power of the purse which so influences the roadmap.
    2. We depend on the technicalities of the Jira process (i.e. assigning a team and a release) to be sure our tickets are included in releases.
  8. How can we improve our communications with the SIG? Does the current monthly reporting work? Would have a dedicated PC meeting for your SIG be helpful?
    1. SIG members feel that communication is one-way; from the SIG to the PC.  There is no communication in the other direction, nor much knowledge of what/when it would be appropriate
    2. We discussed what a Product Council update could look like.
      1. A forum or panel discussion for any SIG members - to describe what the role and purview of the PC is. Mixing different SIG members might be helpful as some are on more than one SIG, and perhaps the questions would inform other.
      2. An informal presentation for SIG members.  Possibly a video, with an option for people to ask questions within a certain timeframe.  After that time has expired, the questions would not be answered or addressed.
  9. Is the SIG comfortable communicating with the PC and have a sense of when a PC conversation would be helpful?
    1. UM-SIG is comfortable with the concept, but hasn't put it into practice.
  10. What functions should the PC be accomplishing and how would the SIGs like to have those need met?
    1. Product Council should keep the vision of the project in view, so that the project doesn't wander away from its original principle, and provide leadership to the community.
    2. Product Council could mediate between two or more SIGs that want opposed features, using the product's vision as a guide.

Action items