2022-11-2 Meeting notes




  • Discuss UIPFU-58 (Add middle name to keyword search for Users)
  • Question from PC:  How can SIGs publicize changes/updates/new features in new releases?

Discussion items

5 minNote takerChristine T.

Christine will take notes today.

40 min

 Add middle name to keyword search for Users

Patty W.
  • UIPFU-58 is a request to add the middle name as an index in the keyword search in the Users app.
    • Currently:
      • Middle name appears in the general name search, so a visual search can find the middle name.
      • ctl-F in the browser can locate the middle name in a list of names.
      • Searching by "Firstname Middlename Lastname" or "Lastname, Firstname Middlename" yields no results.
    • Use cases:
      • Use middle name in search to get a more specific result when searching a common name that would yield a lot of results.
      • Search with just middle name to get a list of results containing the middle name.
    • Concerns:
      • Signal-to-noise ratio could wind up with a lot more noise than would be helpful.
      • Does the addition of another index require more time or resources than libraries would be willing to spend (in terms of generating the index on the backend).
  • Action items:
    • Maura will create a Google Sheet for SIG members to write up how they might use the index, and concerns they might have.
    • Patty will take the issue to RA-SIG for discussion.
15 min How can SIGs promote changes/updates/new features in new releases?Maura B.

The question relates to getting the information related to new releases and making that information to the staff at their institution.  Product Council is interested in how this process can be made easier.

  • Product Owners typically are responsible for showing new features to the SIGs.
  • The SIG convener could make an agenda item where we look at the Release Notes and discuss them.
  • The Documentarian of the SIG remarks that the Release Notes are not made available with very much time before the new release is made available.  It was pointed out that there is often a gap between the new release being published and any institution installing it.

Action item:  Maura will begin a discussion of this topic on the Slack channel.

Future items/Parking lot

  • Patty will arrange for a demonstration/explanation of Teams, so that the SIG can discuss whether it would be worth adopting teams of users.