2023-05-01 - Browser Support



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Jenn Colt will take notes.


Browser Support


Discussion Notes:

  • Define "support"
    • FOLIO runs pretty well on most major browsers. Generally when find out, fix if we can. They don't always make it to the team that can fix them. Dev teams sometimes reject the bug when Zak or John could have been patched.
    • Instead say only test in Chrome but generally expect it runs in most modern browsers. Perhaps this would allay concerns.
  • How can we route the bugs to a team that is better able to triage them. Would need to set expectations around that. Not every browser bug could be fixed.
  • Are hosts willing to provide some user agent data?
  • Balancing bugs vs feature attention priorities
  • A more holistic view of support
  • Craig: will see if FSE can send UA stats
  • Talk to support SIG?
  • Interactions WRT tablets
  • Can offer definitions of major/commonly used browsers
    • Collect stats first
  • Way to set clear expectations and get everyone on the same page
  • Security implications?
    • Browser specific issues?
  • Accessibility implications?
    • Will test on browser with specific version
    • Know it works where tested it
    • Policy about where else to test it
    • A lot of work has gone into a good automated testing framework, human review would require more resources. Accessibility SIG?
  • Some documentation to set clear expectations
  • Cypress tests
    • full stack, front end
    • run in a real browser, setting UA could give real results maybe
      • some things could still slip through
        • ie menu still in the DOM so test would pass but human wouldn't see it because the layer was hidden. would test pass? not sure. those things do happen in some tools.
  • Back end tests
    • hit api
  • What are we trying to offer?
    • ie browser stack offers many many combos how many are we willing to test/support
    • do we still have a relationship with browser stack?
    • statement of what we do now, what we could do, do we change and therefore resource to include something else
  • Transparent process for how we handle those bugs
  • Write down understanding of what is happening today. Agree to some lower effort activities. Sense of how easy it is and what results are. Prioritization and development capacity?
    • soon no community funded capacity
    • PO for the teams involved/orgs paying the money, so stripes team/EBSCO/Khalilah
  • How to get the expectations set
    • Deal with after setting down current state
  • PO, PC, Support sig stakeholders
    • Challenge in communication about bugs that slip through and how they are dealt with/not dealt with/ prioritized/ triaged/ filed
    • Chrome/not Chrome buckets maybe not nuanced enough
    • Figure out how to respond to browser bugs in a consistent way
  • Action
    • Current process
    • UA Stats
    • What could be done investigation
    • Zak will start statement on testing
    • Report out on Wednesday and decide where to go from there

Action Items