2023-12-20 - Quesnelia Officially Supported Technologies



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*Officially Supported TechnologiesAll

GoalMove Quesnelia OST page from DRAFT → ACCEPTED → ACTIVE since the relevant milestones have already passed.


  • Craig McNally When moving to ACCEPTED, 3dr party changes are not allowed, so we shoulc check them today
  • Taras Spashchenko Move Spring boot to 3.2. is not too much to do. All other dependencies should be updatet too.
  • Jeremy Huff Porbably superfluous mentioning all Spring Boot dependencies. Better only write down Spring Boot X.X and implicitely allow dependencies
  • Marc Johnson Versions of Spring components come from Julian → ask him?
  • Craig McNally probably different support periods for spring components
  • Spring components were removed due to lazy consensus.
  • Grails5 → Grails6?
  • Owen Stephens unclear if the commercial support mentioned for Grails really counts for us, since there are updates for way older versions recently.
  • Marc Johnson Spring supportperiod is short, it may not fit to Folio support cycle.
  • Craig McNally The best we can do is Spring Boot 3.2 and Grails 6
  • Owen Stephens Upgrade to Grails 5 was very resource intensive, hopefully Grails 6 will not be the same. Will report if there are blocking issues for the upgrade.
  • Craig McNally Lombok: no version needed
  • Build Tools / Unit test stack: no versions needed.
  • Postgres: take wording from slack message / Link to DR
  • Frontend: Zak Burke Test stack: no changes, Cypress maybe should be updated
  • Zak Burke No changes by frontend technologies
  • Move to ACCEPTED conducted
  • Update 1st party versions
  • Move to ACTIVE conducted
  • Created Ramsons page from copy of Quesnelia
  • Marc Johnson we should think about bumping all versions to the latest for Quesnelia, Java 12, Elasticsearch, Kafka and so on
  • When Poppy gets GA, the Nolana page shall ge to state ARCHIVED → now conducted since Poppy release is soon.
  • Two weeks before 16.feb we should start updating Ramsons. The same with the next milestone on 16. march.
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Maccabee Levine If we need any community input, then at least 2 weeks