2023-04-17 - TCR improvements



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TCR Improvements Review


  • A subgroup has been working on improving the TCR process and would like the TC to review a slide deck which will be used to communicate the changes we've made to others in the project (other councils, POs, etc.)


  • Still working on the styling of the slides, but the content is all there.
  • Jeremy Huff walked us through the presentation
  • Scope:
    • Craig McNally If there's time today, let's try to agree on scope changes related to shared libraries and ui plugins.
  • Maccabee Levine - slide 4 wording suggestion: "or other development teams"
  • Comments on styling:
    • Standard FOLIO slide theme
    • Blue vs Orange headings?
  • Maccabee Levine who is the intended audience?
    • Product owners, other councils
  • Maccabee Levine you may want to make it more clear what has changed while going through the process slides... provide some visual cue, e.g. *
  • Maccabee Levine "PC approved submitter"
    • In theory this is how it should work, in practice it has not happened this way.
    • Craig McNally this will raise a lot of questions during the presentation.
    • Jeremy Huff there's nothing wrong with presentation content raising questions
    • Craig McNally in effect it means teams will need to engage the PC in order to kick off the process - since the process is technical in nature, it seems a little awkward.
  • Marc Johnson We should be more specific on the "next steps" slide.  
    • There are already inconsistencies due to the PC's process being recently approved...
      • Should we present this stuff as-is and then fix the process (preferred) OR
      • Hold off on presenting this until we've resolved these things
    • Call out that the PC has just introduced a new process and that what's being presented predates that.
  • Marc Johnson this presentation is doing two things:
    • Overview of the process - needed because some feedback was that the process wasn't clear
    • Communicating what has changed
  • Marc Johnson let's be clear about this during the presentation... Why we're doing both right now (overview + changes)
  • Language in the scope statement about ui plugins and shared libraries was voted on and approved (7 for, 0 against).  Craig McNally will update the official document and will raise awareness at the regular TC meeting.  Approved text:
    • For Poppy, ui-plugins are out of scope for evaluation.  Starting with Quesnellia, they will be in scope.  
    • For Poppy, shared libraries are out of scope for evaluation.  This decision will be revisited after the Poppy deadline has passed.
  • Maccabee Levine Documentation Overview - a lot of links there... 
    • Marc Johnson  Maybe keep the links, but in more of an "additional resources" slide, possibly in the appendix.
  • To discuss on Wednesday:
    • Doodle poll, timing, audience, etc.
    • Record the presentation and share it.
    • Raise awareness of the scope statement changes approved today.

Action Items