2023-07-17 Meeting notes: Sorting of results




Discussion items

  1. Sorting of results, cards, items - discussion with UX/UI designers
  2. If time allows: ability to save a record without closing it | review button labelling


Sorting results

Sort "cards" in logical or alphabetical order

Cards are sorted differently earch time a user visits a page in both apps.

Example ERM - requirement across folio

Order: j, e, k, e

Order: e, k, j, e


  • "Cards" should display consistently every time a user checks a record - every time the same order - both in view and in edit mode
  • Better: user can define the sort order when creating the "cards" 
  • Sorting needs to be editable and adjustable over time - e.g. if a third internal contact is added to a list of two but needs to display as the first contact → ability to re-arrange the sort order 
  • need a mechanism - "order by" clauses
  • 1st step: get predictability 
  • 2nd step: extend to more user based decisions

Sort Inventory items as needed

Inventory items: Ability to reorder (and save the order of) item records

  • Martina Schildt ask for use cases in other apps than Inventory DONE
  • Continue: UXPROD-4405 - Getting issue details... STATUS  


  1. specific rank field/column,
  2. drag & drop,
  3. arrow up/down,
  4. sort order as an attribute of holdings
  • if there are no other uses cases → continue as a MM SIG discussion
  • if cross-app: continue in AI - create cross-app ticket
Sort Inventory holdings as needed

Inventory holdings: Ability to reorder (and save the order of) Holdings records

  • UXPROD-1635 - Order/sequencing of holdings on an instance record. Re-order Holdings records DRAFT
  • sorting at the moment: order of entry?
  • seems like it is always the same order → so different to cards use case
  • in general: every query should have an "order by" clause

Comment by Felix Hemme

Yes, holdings records sort by date created (newest holdings sort at top of the list) in the instance detail view. The German subject group on MM has proposed a new default order, see https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C20V5L40P/p1668086310716649.

There will be a official proposal created soon. Draft (in German) here: Überarbeitete Sortierung der Bestandsdatensätze (Holdings) - Funktionsanalyse

Review UX/UI for buttons 


Edit mode: Add a just "save" button, instead of having only "Save & close" or "cancel"

from discussion 2023-06-28 Meeting notes: cross-app implementers topics

  • in some apps there is already the option to "Save & keep editing"
  • Available in quickMarc

  • Button is called "Save & keep editing" - that is very explicit but very long at the same time
  • Will be available for holdings UIIN-2404 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • and item level: UIIN-2456 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • as well as instances: UIIN-2457 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • In Orders and Agreements with have a “Create another” checkbox next to the Save button for situations where you want to save but immediately open another create form
  • Needed: consistent behaviour and labelling
  • on the other hand we shouldn't have too many buttons
  • requirement: consistent behaviour across apps for buttons → checkbox "create another" could be a button as well
  • options discussed:
    1. keep UI as is → not consistent across apps
    2. keep buttons and add additional
      1. save & create another, save & keep editing, save & close (bottom right corner) + cancel (bottom left)
    3. change and shorten button descriptions:
      1. save, close, create another (bottom right) + cancel (bottom left)
    4. add an "action" menu or a modal
      1. if there are more than X buttons (number is tbd), display "cancel", "close" and "save & ...", where the user selects via an action menu or a modal which "save-and-action" is desired
      2. the group likes the idea of having a certain number of choices and then a menu
  • discussion not finished - need to come back (after WOLFcon)

  • Continue: UX/UI for buttons  

Postponed: Responsive text fields

Responsive text fields

Free text boxes are quite narrow in display and can then be extended. Sometimes the extendability may not be as obvious as needed. It would be helpful to have the free text boxes be responsive.

Example use case:

Inventory holdings: The URI box in the holdings record is really small. It does expand, but I can imagine someone not noticing a URL was really long and only editing part of it and mangling it all up.


18:11:13 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I think that’s a good point Zak
18:11:23 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    Reacted to "I think that’s a goo..." with 👍
18:16:33 Von  Olin 111A  an  Alle:
    apologies for being late, my last meeting ran over
18:24:35 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    Here a record with 24000 + items https://bugfest-orchid.int.aws.folio.org/inventory/view/9da417a0-c26d-4d87-be32-907fdcefe8dc?qindex=hrid&query=ho28708&segment=holdings&sort=title
18:24:55 Von  Brooks Travis  an  Alle:
    An “ordering” field on the item that is managed by drag/drop, with new items placed at the “bottom” when created. We would need to account for items being moved between holdings (eg. clear the ordering value and put at the “bottom” on the new holdings)?
18:27:44 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    The MM-SIG
18:27:46 Von  Brooks Travis  an  Alle:
    There are a number of other places, I think, where this behavior is needed
18:29:12 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I think we also need to consider the UI mechanism by which re-ordering happens - is this a drag and drop? Or some arrow-up / arrow-down? Or something else?
18:29:21 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    would the sort order need to display in the MCL?
18:30:03 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    *the sort order literally as a value/column
18:31:55 Von  Brooks Travis  an  Alle:
    For serials, the enumeration and chronology could provide that sorting, but since those are free-text fields, there could be consistency issues, I would think. Also, it’s not useful for all items.
18:32:50 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    The current enumeration and chronology fields are not entirely fit for purpose IMO but that’s probably a separate discussion!
18:32:50 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    @Brooks Travis exactly -- there's no one value that would always be reliable
18:34:54 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    + 1 Laura
18:41:39 Von  Zak Burke  an  Alle:
18:46:31 Von  Maura Byrne  an  Alle:
    It sounds like we’re into workflow territory. Are we?
18:48:22 Von  Zak Burke  an  Alle:
18:52:08 Von  Charlotte Whitt  an  Alle:
    I think this ’save’ issue what mentioned by Natascha, when doing very long and complicated notes, and being worried about loose this work
18:53:13 Von  Dung-Lan Chen  an  Alle:
    Yes to what Owen said!
18:55:34 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    we don't want to make saving require multiple clicks -- exactly what Owen is saying
18:56:45 Von  Brooks Travis  an  Alle:
    I need to jump. Thanks, everyone!
18:57:30 Von  Zak Burke  an  Alle:
    Two buttons: [Save] [Save and …] where [Save and …] is an app-dependent menu.
18:58:25 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Got you
18:58:51 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    But just as good as the checkbox in Orders and Agreements I think
18:58:55 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    there is discussion (not resolved yet) in MM around where "save and close" should return a user to (which may lead to a request for multiple different options...)
19:00:41 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    I like the idea of having a certain number of choices and then a menu
19:00:47 Von  Owen Stephens  an  Alle:
    Or prompt
19:00:48 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    I think that is reasonable, Zak
19:01:03 Von  Laura (she/they)  an  Alle:
    and I have to jump off...




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