2023-03-27 Meeting notes: Prepare workflow presentation for PC



Discussion items

  1. Workflow presentation for PC | slides


Slides feedback

  • separate Lehigh solution from other, because it is different
  • we need to be clear about the separation between mod-workflow and mod-camunda - perhaps the question is whether mod-workflow can integrate with Prefect/Airflow/others
  • add links to recordings
  • make clear what is goal or expected outcome of PC talk
  • invite reps for institutions that have presented their solutions in AI
  • make sure TC reps are able to attend
  • add current active workflow work to roadmap, a theme is already existing but not connected to actual work
  • prevent duplicative work, community should be made aware of ongoing active work, maybe ask for support
  • questions: do we need a separate SIG for workflows?

Date of discussion will be clarified in PC prep tomorrow 

  • earliest in 2 weeks due to absences and Easter holidays
  • give "guests" time to arrange attendance


00:09:41    Owen Stephens:    I think I’d separate out the Lehigh solution from the others as it seems substantially different thing to the other three. So at least group the three similar solutions together
00:12:08    Owen Stephens:    Do we need to be clear about the separation between mod-workflow and mod-camunda? Perhaps the question is whether mod-workflow can integrate with Prefect/Airflow/others?
00:12:09    Dung-Lan Chen:    Thank you, Martina, for preparing the slides!  Should we include the recording of the presentations for PC members to view the details if they haven't seen the presentations.
00:12:47    Laura (she/they):    Thank you for the work you've put into this, Martina. I think your 2nd slide illustrates how a lot of efforts are already going into this work outside of the project and it's important not to have too much duplicative/divergent work--
00:13:15    Laura (she/they):    that is, that it would be better for all the efforts at different institutions to benefit the community
00:13:32    Owen Stephens:    I should also echo Dung-Land and Laura -> great job on this summary Martina
00:13:47    Brooks Travis:    It’s always going to be an easier sell if new modules interact with FOLIO through the existing API paradigms.
00:13:51    Owen Stephens:    Sorry Dung-Lan
00:14:18    Dung-Lan Chen:    No worries, Owen :)
00:14:25    Brooks Travis:    LDP vs. mod-search
00:15:43    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "No worries, Owen :)" with 👍
00:16:44    Laura (she/they):    Because this work is already happening, it's so obviously needed -- I would love to see it prioritized within the community (as Martina has just said)
00:16:51    Dung-Lan Chen:    Maybe incorporate Camunda, Prefect and Airflow if it's determined important into the respect area of FOLIO development.
00:17:48    Brooks Travis:    I think the fundamental question is whether we need a “FOLIO” solution to this (at all/right now?).
00:18:04    Dung-Lan Chen:    For example, Prefect be considered into Acquisitions/Data Import part of FOLIO development officially.
00:18:50    Brooks Travis:    I think this is an area where we could provide some infrastructure that would make it easier/better to integrate with external tools.
00:20:32    Brooks Travis:    Does this need a dedicated SIG?
00:21:54    Kristin Martin:    Thinking the same thing!
00:22:14    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "I think this is an a..." with 👍
00:22:16    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "Does this need a ded..." with 💯
00:22:21    Brooks Travis:    Reacted to "Thinking the same th…" with 👍
00:23:05    Dung-Lan Chen:    Second Laura's comment!!
00:26:17    Jana Freytag:    Thank you Martina!


Future topics

  • Topic proposal by Owen Stephens for October:
    • Use of shortcut keys and macros for more effective cross-app working  - it also be good to have UX and Stripes/dev knowledge for this discussion I think. I know @Laura (she/they) uses macros so might have insights into the potential for cross-app working
  • UX/UI and implementers topics
    • should be Wednesdays
  • Comprehensive look at where data is copied and stored as opposed to live data | how it is represented
  • Date filters and how they work in different apps




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