2022-03-09 Documentation Working Group Meeting notes




Discussion items

(1) juniper.docs.folio.org 
(2) updates on Juniper content
(3) Google
Season of Docs
(4) Instructional design intern. 
  • Marcia will be out of the office for ten days on vacation starting tomorrow (smile)
  • Google Season of Docs - Lauren Gallina is not going to return for a third year (sad) So we will be recruiting a new writer. https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/timeline Marcia is working on the application to the program.
  • Writers will start sometime between mid-April and mid-May, assuming we find someone
  • We have another intern from San Jose State - instructional design program. Her name is Cynthia. Focusing on "Getting to know FOLIO." 
  • Can we get a volunteer to be a point-person with the ID student? Let Marcia know. Julie said she could do it if no one else has. Laura said she would also be willing to help. Erin suggested maybe connecting with Kimie Kester (EBSCO UX) as well, since Kimie knows what things are called.
  • Juniper docs
    • juniper.docs.folio.org is currently live, but not linked from releases page.
    • Erin: a good idea, as long as there is a disclaimer on the front page. Group agreed that was a good idea.
    • Who can approve folio docs PRs right now? Marcia, Ian, Peter Murray. Not clear yet how to manage some people doing stuff in github, stuff in docs, etc.
    • Juniper has platform essentials section - yay. Julie has the keyboard shortcuts blurb - put it right after the list of permissions. PR out there in github to fix some formatting issues that were found.
    • Juniper - Ian is working on standardizing links and making sure they all work.
  • Docs roundabout.
    • Felix - working on local KB admin docs. He is getting some review from ERM subgroup. Owen (PO) has given some feedback that he is incorporating - and then it will be ready to be published. Thinks he will finish in next week. He has not yet started on ERM comparisons.
    • Ingulf - Juniper docs are ready. PR is ready to be added. Ian will push PR to juniper.docs.folio.org and that can be a way to get add'l feedback.
    • Julie - the five acquisitions apps are updated, but not yet checked for permissions updates - so should be done in the next few days. All of her stuff is still in google docs. Ian can do the review and move the markdown content into Juniper. Then fresh copy can be put into Kiwi folder. Also two other jiras - DOCS-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS and DOCS-125 - Getting issue details... STATUS - wanting to make sure that info makes it into the Data Import documentation.
    • Dennis - Stuff ready in the next week.
    • Christine - Users and Settings > Users are ready to go in the Juniper folder. UM SIG reviewed over the last two weeks, Christine incorporated suggestions from SIG. Thanks to Erin for helping with some wonki-ish questions.
    • Eric - Reporting - on Monday their group went through links, changed a few things for new software updates. Added a new page. Getting feedback from developer - should be able to move things over to Github in next week.
    • Laura - Not much to add for Juniper, but that has been good, because she's been in PEP season at Cornell. But she will re-review Juniper docs this week just to make sure. Question about permissions cross-referencing. If there are no changes, then all Ian will need to do is create the content in the Kiwi folder.
    • Emma - Licenses and Agreements in Juniper are done / ready to go, except for keyboard shortcut text. Q: how to review Juniper if your local env is up to Kiwi? Erin: use https://folio-juniper.dev.folio.org/. Owen's reviews of his apps are helpful. Marcia - maybe sprint reviews are helpful? E: They're long. LOL. Licenses and Agreements are also done for Kiwi. Woohoo!
    • Still wait for juniper to be more cleanly done and then get Kiwi going.
    • Erin - RA docs almost entirely finished - still need to document claim returned functionality. Should finish in the next week. Focused on platform essentials pages - excited to let people see it and give feedback. 

Action items