Support SIG Charge

Opening Assumptions : 

  • Open-source software support is different than vendor software support. 
  • Users of an open-source ILS have more responsibility and ownership of the system than a vendor-owned ILS. 
  • Active participation from an open-source community is the only way to impact change

To change, fix, enhance, or maintain FOLIO there must be active participation from the FOLIO community. If there is no community participation, FOLIO will not succeed in the library landscape. 


The FOLIO Support SIG sets the community's commitment to provide libraries that are using FOLIO with a functioning system that can support the day-to-day activities of the Library. 


  • Review new bugs and ensure they are placed with the correct project, dev team, and PO
  • Give an initial prioritization ranking 
  • To gather from the PO or the dev team a release target so the issue is not lost
  • To ensure that progress is being made within a reasonable timeframe 
    • Ping Pos for updates and other needed details 
  • To follow up on existing tickets 
  • Bump priority for long-outstanding issues

How the Support SIG prioritizes issues

  • Criteria (P1, P2, P3, and P4)
    • Patron facing
    • Prevents daily work
    • Involves finances
    • Affects many institutions
    • No progress for a long period (bump up +1)

How development teams prioritize issues